Why To Use the Natural Lip Balm?

Most women pay much attention to the cosmetics and beauty products that being used on their face, legs and hands, so spending a little bit of consideration in finding the best natural lip balm is necessary too. Since lips are one of the most sensitive parts of our body, it is fair to apply the natural lip balm couple of times per day. We must avoid the harmful ingredients on our lips dry or chapped lips. But why exactly? How the natural ice lip balm soothe our lips?

Protect the sensitive skin of your mouth from harsh temperatures that could irritate the tissue. The best natural lip balm contains non-poisonous chemicals, pesticides, additives or synthetic ingredients that could harm your lips, so it has a strong soothing effect. When your lips got chapped under dry and cold climate, you have to use the natural lip balm that uses proven mild moisturizers to create a natural and soft protective barrier.

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The natural ice lip balm provides significant health benefits too. They are rich in vitamins and antioxidants that not only make your lips feel softer, but also improves the health of your lips by providing enough nourishment. Your lips will only feel great because it can actually repair the damage caused by sun exposure. Moreover, some natural lip balms are helpful to prevent the growth of infection-causing bacteria. All of above mean that it can protect your lips and promote healthy skin.

best natural lip balm

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Where to buy the best natural lip balm? Newchic is offering the nice items with low prices. The mild elements of the Newchic natural lip balm is going to care for your lips in a natural and healthy way. With a nice lip balm, your lips can be charming enough even without the fancy lipstick colors.

natural lip balms

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How to Remove Blackheads from Nose Instantly?

We all want to have a face with clean clear skin, but blackheads appear time to time. How can we get rid of them? Most people would rather go for the natural blackhead removal mask to get rid of the disgusting and annoying dirty things on the nose. It is an easy and effective way that actually works, but only on the basis being done regularly and properly. This tutorial shows you how to remove blackheads from the nose in several simple and right steps with the best blackhead remover, without causing any minus effect, like enlarging your pores or skin allergy.

natural blackhead removal mask

1.Wash your face with facial cleanser and warm water to open your pore.

2.Using the educe liquid of the charcoal blackhead removal mask on your nose.

3.Extend an appropriate amount of the best blackhead remover on your nose. And let it stay for 15~20 minutes before peeling it from the bottom to the top.

best blackhead remover

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4.Wash your face with the clean water, which should be cool or room temperature.

5.Using pore shrinking liquid or facial mask when your face is totally clean.

Note: The using amount and area is depending on your need, normally a thin layer of the blackhead removal mask is enough and easy to be peeled off. Though the best blackhead remover can remove the blackheads from our noses quickly, you should not use it more than twice a week.

blackhead removal mask

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7 Tips You Should Know About the Sunscreen

Best sunscreen is essential to protect you from the harms of skin sunburning and skin aging. If you think that there is no need to use sunscreen for face in winter because the temperature is not as high as  summer. Totally wrong! Under the winter sun, ultraviolet rays are even more fierce and harmful! So we must apply natural sunblock in winter days. And here comes some tips you should know about sunscreen lotion! 

sunburned without using sunscreen


Why use sunscreen?

Everybody know something about this question, but we might not know it deeply as we should. Best sunscreen for body does not relate to our skin beauty, but also have a great influence on our health. 1. Block the harmful ultraviolet rays to us. The constant depletion of the ozone layer puts us at higher risk of harmful rays from the sun. 2.Prevent premature senility of our skin. The sunburned skin will  will be aged and lead to wrinkles and fine lines more easily. 3.Reduce the risk of suffering from skin cancer. Sunscreen and sunblock can stop various types of skin cancers for us, especially melanoma.

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Higher spf sunscreen more effective? The SPF of the sunscreen ratings ranges form 15~50. But higher SPF is always better. The higher SPF sunscreen a has stronger sun blocking function, but the bigger burden to your skin too. For daily use, SPF 15 sunscreen is enough. For outdoor activities, pick a APF 30+ sunscreen.

How long does sunscreen last? When the SPF is 15, multiple 15 minutes, then the effect of your sunscreen lasts about 225 minutes.

How much sunscreen for face? If the sunblock cream coat is not thick enough, the sun blocking function might be not strong enough. Try to use a little bit more than enough.

Newchic sunblock
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How often to reapply sunscreen? We normally reapply the sunblock for face for every 2~3 hours. Apply some spray toner and cream to moist your face before using the sunscreen.

Do i need to use makeup remover for sunscreen? When the sunscreen lotion for dry skin is water-proof, a makeup remover is needed normally.  Or if you feel the face is oily with the sunscreen spf 50, you need to remove it too.

sunscreen cream
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