O-Newe Casual Women Printed Tassel Stitching Fake Two-piece Dress

O-Newe Plus Size Dresses will be low-key luxurious texture, most vividly. The new series of advanced Italian yarns, giving them a modern woman living in the indispensable classic style is more high-end fashion and beauty. O-Newe in the shape of the diverse and rich texture and contour of the composition, and then elevated to a sophisticated lifestyle experience. This concept will also be a series of autumn and winter 2016 brand began to be integrated into the seasonal design. The new O-Newe Dresses in the use of shades of black, gray and snow white stone as the main, for this delicate and exquisite tailoring one of the highlights of the series, such as soft T-shirt, hedging sweaters, tights and standard type beam leg pants, hooded sweaters, stripes turtleneck cashmere dress and tunic, rich texture and a long section of cashmere cardigan. Autumn and winter accessories containing soft caps and a long section of cashmere scarves.
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