When and Why You Need the Best Nursing Bras From Newchic

Understanding and listening to our body is the basic care for ourselves. Our sexy push up bra can’t make us restrictive or uncomfortable during the maternity definitely. So we need to think a lot while choosing nursing bras. With the functional nursing bras from Newchic, you can still wear a sexy push up bra in the special nursing time. When and why you need the beat  nursing bras? Where can you find them?

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Why you need nursing bras? During the first 4 weeks right after giving birth to the baby, the size of your bra will increase about 2-3 cup. So you need some stretchy, supportive and comfortable nursing bras. After the first month, your milk might regulate itself, you will need the well- designed nursing bras that enable you to feed your baby easily and comfortably. For a new mother, a well-fitted nursing bra is just like a best friend.

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When you need the nursing bras exactly? It is a quite common question but the answer is quite simple: 8 months or so after you are pregnant. After 8 months, your breasts are stabilized enough during pregnancy for choosing the right size of the nursing bras. It takes no long to arrive the expected date of confinement now, your are ready to produce milk and provide a standard size during your nursing period.

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Can you wear a sexy push up bra for this period? Definitely yes. But being functional is essential to sexy push up bras during nursing. The nursing bras of Newchic also emphasize fashionable and sexy designs. Such as various front buttons, different high quality fabric and tons of newest cutting. You can go for the low plunge and half see-through lace, polka dots and striped printings too.

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