What Vintage Makeup Look Can Newchic’s Products Create?

Modern world is glossy and fast-paced, whizzing cars, pocket-sized computers, and new makeup products surround us everywhere. Nice makeup products attempt to give us better skin and better look, and that is what Newchic’s products have been achieving. There are charming and glamorous combinations of modern technology with vintage appeal. Follow quite magical recommendations that enable you to create a fashionable vintage style.

One of Newchic’s mission is to honor the vintage styled cosmetics, formulation, and application. FOCALLURE blush is so silky and refined like a cream. The tiniest dusting of natural ingredients will be what you need to get perfect vintage cheeks complexions.

FOCALLURE Smooth Mineral Natural Professional Blush, Only US$5.99!

Lipstick and lip liner. A deep red lipstick and perfectly lined lips can present vintage glamour best. This cerise and red lip liner is creamy but firm,  so you can apply smoothly across the lips. With red velvet lipstick that leans burgundy wine, it has a rich and lush effect. The shade color is totally a replica of 1946!

Velvet Matte Lipstick Lip Balm Lasting Charming, Only US$3.29 !
lip liner
IMAGIC 12 Colors Lip Liner Pen Lipstick Pencil, Only US$3.99!

Natural BB foundation keeps everything in place perfectly and brighten your skin tone naturally. The foundation color plus the above blush is a nod to vintage glamour. At the same time, the fitting formulation is easy and soft to manipulate, which blends your makeup like a dream and looks so pretty sitting on your vanity.

BB cream
Flawless Oil-control BB Cream Long-Lasting Waterproof Moisturizing Foundation, Only US$7.99 !