Most Wanted Shoes Low to $0.1!

A pair of most wanted shoes enable us walk for a long journey and won’t feel tired. When we choose shoes, high quality and fashionable design are the most important considerations. Luckily, all of us can find such shoes in Newchic. At the same time, their products have unbelievably competitive prices. I think that is why Newchic can won royalty from people around the world within a short time. Newchic is going to have its 3rd anniversary in this August 8th, yes, that is today! And the annual super promotion has begun, you must not hesitate since the snap up products will be sold up within minutes. I am not scaring but Newchic 3rd anniversary promotion has gained a lot of attention around the world because people know that they can buy some really good products with the lowest price now.

mnost wanted shoes
Snap Up at $ 0.1 on August 10th

1.$8.8 Snap Up on August 8th! ( $3.3 snap up on August 9th, $0.1 snap up on August 10th. Pay close attention to the exact hours: China time: 23:00, 01:00, 03:00, 05:00)

most wanted shoes

2. Free shipping for new arrivals:

most wanted shoes

3. Socofy: $16 off for this great brand:

most wanted shoes

There are a lot of most wanted shoes styles in promotion now. Folkways & old Peking embroidery craft, sports shoes and men’s shoes all are having the lowest prices all year round. What are you waiting for, buying is earning now!

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72 Hour Super Snap Up Is Coming!! ( $15 Coupon Giveaway! )

August 8th is approaching and I am getting more and more excited. Why? Because it is the official Newchic 3rd anniversary day! I know all of you are waiting for the most exciting 72 Hour Super Snap Up like me! Yes, you did not hear it wrong, the super snap up will last complete 3 days! $15 Coupon Giveaway for you in the end of this article, must not miss it~)

 72 Hour Super Snap Up

This article will be an extra bonus to you, since you can not only see the exact hour and price types of the 72 Hour Super Snap Up in advance. Also, you can have a glance at the exact products for snap up first. So decide your favorite ones now and save the thinking time in the snap up ‘battlefield’. Cause I believe, on August 8th~10th, as a popular well-known website like Newchic, the snap up page will be really crowded and hard to enter.

 Some $8.8  snap up products on August 8th!

72 Hour Super Snap Up

Some $3.3 snap up products on August 9th!

72 Hour Super Snap Up

And some $0.1 snap up products on August 10th. 

72 Hour Super Snap Up

Key tips:  1.The exact hours would be (China time): 23:00, 01:00, 03:00, 05:00.

2.Input your delivery information in advance to increase the success chance of snap up.

3.And please note that snap up orders need to paid through Paypal.

Newchic 3rd anniversary promotion

Newchic 72 Hour Super Snap Up Giveaway!!!

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