Christmas Gifts Recommendations: 5 Best Nail Gel Polishes

Christmas is approaching, have you listed the holiday gifts list for your dear family and friends? Brands nail polish sets are nice and appropriate recommendations for Christmas gits in 2017. The festive nail polish is going to surprise the gift receiver totally! You will be such a considerate friend to send them the best nail gel polishes , which make them more stylish and eye-catching in the Christmas parties.


1.When we pick the nail polish colors for December, make them festive. The Christmas nail gel polish set is especially made for the Christmas that include a ‘red’ for sure. Red is so enthusiastic and merry that even Santa Claus arrives in red outfit! Different degrees of red from dark to bright are available in Newchic.

best nail gel polish

2.Winter is a season of warm sweaters. What a great idea to match your fashionable sweaters with some nice textured nail polish ideas! To strengthen the warm feel of your wear in the cold days, try some moderate colors like beige and orange for nail gel polish set. Stylish, complete and exquisite, that will be how your fingers look like then.

nail gel polish


3. If nail art is all about glitter nail polishes for you. Enjoy the most bright feel from your fingers with the shiny gel nail polish, especially in the festivals! Newchic Maxdona 3 color nail polish set is a quite pretty option for the Christmas.

glitter nail polish


4. Flowery style that include the soft cherry blossom pink nail polish is such a great gift! Worry that pure color nail polishes are not enough to please the gift receiver? Add some cute dot or sweet blossom printings in the nail polish set.

festive nail polish

5. If you girls are heading for a rock concert or bald parties in the Christmas. Then metallic color nail polishes are necessary to fit your cool outfit. The Newchic top coat polish set has a cool mirror effect, so special and bright. A lot of color options.

metallic color nail polishes



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