Tutorial of Using Nail Art Tools

Nail art is so fancy that women just can help loving it! But a trip to the nail salon is not cheap. Is it cost-worthy? These beautiful nail arts will just stay for a few weeks. Why not DIY at home? With Newchic’s simple and cheap nail art tools, it will just take a couple of minutes to achieve brilliant nail art for you. Don’t need to worry that handling the nail art tool kit is difficult. Look at following instructions of simple nail art supplies, you can create masterpieces by your own.

Newchic nail art tools

Nail brushes tools:

Angled French Brush. For French manicures or simple color blocking, angled brush creates crisp edges of a design.

Striping Brush. A striping brush is a must for crisp, sharp even lines.

Detail Brush. Small, intricate designs and outlining require detail brushes.

Fan Brush. Paint your nails in a base color. Lightly sweep it over your nails to get a wispy feathered effect.

Nail art sponges. They make color-blending and creating ombre-like effects a cinch.


How to use the nail art dotting tool?

Draw symmetrical circles, such as eyes, polka dots and flowers by using a dual-end dotting tool.

tools for nail artHow to use stripers and nail art pens

The striper makes it more easier than using a traditional striping brush and a bottle of polish. When you want to feel more like drawing a painting with the tools for nail art, go for a pen. Make sure to use the Newchic nail arts pens on polish only when they are complete dry.


cuticle pusher and remover

How to use cuticle pushers and removers

Use the wide side- pusher to push cuticles up off the nail plate before doing nail art. This lets you get polish on the whole nail. The pointy side-remover is used to scrape away the remaining of cuticle off.


Newchic nail art tools kit

How to use the nail art tool – file and buffer

The most important step to make your manicure look professionally done is to make sure all your nails are cut and filed to the same shape evenly before applying polish. Start to even your nails with the rougher and bigger end of your file, and then use the smoother buffer to make your nails look perfect. Both two steps should be improving your nails in one direction but not back and forth. The Newchic nail art tool kit is especially handy.


nail art tools kit

How to use orange-wood stick

This nail tool is made for any purpose. You can use the angled side as a cuticle pusher. You can also achieve a 3-D nail art easier by dipping the pointed tip of the stick in top coat and using it to pick up rhinestone. Or you might use it to pull polish off in the skin on either side of your nail.



Knowing the nail tools and how to use them, you will find it so easier to DIY the nice nail arts at home now.

cheap nail art tools kit
Acrylic Powder Glitter Nail Art Tools Kit Nails Brush False Finger Pump Set, US$25.39


best nail art tools kit
Professional 42 Colors Acrylic Powder Brush UV Lamp Glitter Clipper File Nail Art Set





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Tutorial of Removing Gel Nail Polish Easily at Home

Women need to dress up and do the nice makeup to embrace the new year, cute gel nail polish is such a beautiful thing that make us look better in any outfit. Glamorous best gel nail polish is a worthwhile treat for ourselves. However, when we want to try a new style in the New Year, removing the original color changing gel nail polish is a necessary step. A trip to the nail salon is not a must, and Newchic beauty is giving a tutorial of removing the gel nail polish easily at home, with the cheap nail art tools.

A big mistake is made if you peel and scrap off the gel nail polish colors. It is extremely harmful to your nails. Take your nails as important as the tiles on a roof. Stop aggressively pulling the polish off, or you are not only removing the gel nail designs, but also the top layers the delicate cells of the nails, which is not only ugly, but also unhealthy. You’ll need acetone, cotton balls, foil, a wood nail stick, nail file… Recommend the best nail art kit from Newchic.

How to Remove Gel Nail Polish Easily And Quickly At Home 1

  1. Before removing the gel polish, cut your nails to the desired length. Then use a nail file to scuff the surface of each nail.It is one of the most useful cheap nail art tools.
cheap nail tools
Nail Art Set Acrylic Liquid Powder Buffer File Brush Dryer Manicure Tools, US$15.52


How to Remove Gel Nail Polish Easily And Quickly At Home 2

  1. With the cheap nail tools kitprepared, pour the acetone into a small bowl. Soak a cotton ball in the acetone.Wrap the soaked cotton gently over each individual nail so that the entire surface area of the nail is covered in the acetone.

How to Remove Gel Nail Polish Easily And Quickly At Home 3

  1. Wrap that nail with a strip of segmented square of foil, so that the cotton ball stays on the nail. This will add a little pressure and lock in heat to help the acetone work its magic to soft the UVnail gel polish.

How to Remove Gel Nail Polish Easily And Quickly At Home 4

  1. Keep UV gel nail polishsoaked for up to 20minutes, you can watch TV while waiting for it.

How to Remove Gel Nail Polish Easily And Quickly At Home 5

  1. Remove the foil from each finger, which can be pulled easily if the gel polish has completely lifted. For any leftover patches, use a wood orange stick lightly to scrape off the colorful nail gel polish.


Designer nail gel ploish from Newchic:

colorful nail gel polish
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temperature changing UV nail gel polis
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UV nail gel polish
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color changing nail gel polis
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Christmas Gifts Recommendations: 5 Best Nail Gel Polishes

Christmas is approaching, have you listed the holiday gifts list for your dear family and friends? Brands nail polish sets are nice and appropriate recommendations for Christmas gits in 2017. The festive nail polish is going to surprise the gift receiver totally! You will be such a considerate friend to send them the best nail gel polishes , which make them more stylish and eye-catching in the Christmas parties.


1.When we pick the nail polish colors for December, make them festive. The Christmas nail gel polish set is especially made for the Christmas that include a ‘red’ for sure. Red is so enthusiastic and merry that even Santa Claus arrives in red outfit! Different degrees of red from dark to bright are available in Newchic.

best nail gel polish

2.Winter is a season of warm sweaters. What a great idea to match your fashionable sweaters with some nice textured nail polish ideas! To strengthen the warm feel of your wear in the cold days, try some moderate colors like beige and orange for nail gel polish set. Stylish, complete and exquisite, that will be how your fingers look like then.

nail gel polish


3. If nail art is all about glitter nail polishes for you. Enjoy the most bright feel from your fingers with the shiny gel nail polish, especially in the festivals! Newchic Maxdona 3 color nail polish set is a quite pretty option for the Christmas.

glitter nail polish


4. Flowery style that include the soft cherry blossom pink nail polish is such a great gift! Worry that pure color nail polishes are not enough to please the gift receiver? Add some cute dot or sweet blossom printings in the nail polish set.

festive nail polish

5. If you girls are heading for a rock concert or bald parties in the Christmas. Then metallic color nail polishes are necessary to fit your cool outfit. The Newchic top coat polish set has a cool mirror effect, so special and bright. A lot of color options.

metallic color nail polishes



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