The 4 Best Glitter Lip Glosses for 2018 Summer

Women should not only update their wardrobe in summer but also their makeup bags too. When the hot day comes, we should create some seasonal styles to stay perfect all the time. Annoying sweating must not melt our makeup looks. Among so many cosmetics that cling to summer, a clear glitter lip gloss is a must. Pink glitter lip gloss is made for the fresh summer naturally. Have a look at the amazing looks that achieved by the best glitter lip gloss.

Amazing looks achieved by the clear glitter lip gloss, take the pink glitter lip gloss as an especially nice example.

clear glitter lip gloss makeup looks


How to apply glitter lip gloss? Paint the natural lip balm before applying the best glitter lip gloss, then your lips can be moisturizing enough and the gloss look lasts longer. Apply the clear glitter lip gloss carefully and never draw pink glitter lip gloss outside the lip line. Paint the best glitter lip gloss from harder in the middle of your lips to lighter in both two ends. At last, shut your lips lightly.

pink glitter makeup look


Where to buy the amazing yet best clear glitter lip gloss? Newchic has updated the summer glitter lip gloss range for you. To embrace the hot season in a fresh way, grab one pink glitter lip gloss to be a sweet princess.

clear glitter lip gloss

Crystal Shining Glitter Lip Gloss Long Lasting Moisturizer 12 Colors, US$6.99



Pink glitter lip gloss

Glitter Lip Gloss Jelly Pink Lips Pigment  Gold Shimmer Long Lasting, US$10.16

best glitter lip gloss Newchic

Shimmer Matte Glitter Lip Gloss Moisturizer Liquid Lipstick Waterproof, US$8.64


best glitter lip gloss

Matte to Glitter Long lasting Magical Color Shiny Lip gloss Shimmer Lip Tint, US$8.99






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The Detailed Tutorial to Put On Fake Eyelashes

We women always want beautiful and luscious eyelashes, but not everyone of us are gifted with natural long and thick lashes luckily. So we really appreciate the invention of the best brand false eyelashes. But not all of us think the long, full best false eyelashes that look natural are easy to stick too. With following tutorial step by step, even the beginners can put on the natural fake eyelashes perfectly and easily.

  1. The first step is to curl your own eyelashes with an eyelash curler.

How to Put On Fake Eyelashes1

  1. Compare the  best fake eyelashes for beginners to your own ones.

How to Put On Fake Eyelashes2

  1. Then cut the over-long part of your best fake lashes, which avoid too exaggerated and unnatural feels of your lashes.

How to Put On Fake Eyelashes3

  1. Bend the false eyelashes according to the your eyelashes’ original bending direction. Fake eyelashes before and after looks should be natural but not dramatic.

How to Put On Fake Eyelashes4

  1. Brush the specific glue on the stem of the best brand false eyelashes.

How to Put On Fake Eyelashes5

  1. Wait until the fake eyelash glue  is dry enough, the glue should look transparent after seconds.

How to Put On Fake Eyelashes6

  1. Put on the best false eyelashes for small eyes from the middle to both ends, let the natural false eyelashes cover your own ones to  create an better visual effect.

How to Put On Fake Eyelashes7

  1. Use a cotton bud to separate the messy lashes and make the drugstore fake eyelashes more fitting.

How to Put On Fake Eyelashes8

  1. Finally have a check on the eyelashes to see if the best false eyelashes for everyday is applied to your natural ones neatly. Mix together evenly. It is time to use the false lash mascara if you want.

How to Put On Fake Eyelashes9




The best fake eyelashes recommendations from Newchic:

fake eyelashes from Newchic
8Pcs/2 Pairs Magnetic 3D Long Natural False Eyelashes, US$8.99
colorful eyelashes from Newchic
3 Pairs 3D False Eyelashes Set Colorful False Lashes, US$5.99
false eyelashes from Newchic
Black Mink Hair False Eyelashes Natural Thick Lashes, US$4.99


If you want to go for something special and bold, blue feather false eyelashes is your best choice!

blue feather false eyelashes
Blue Feather False Eyelashes, US$4.99



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The Most Beautiful Blush Styles Make Your Winter Vibrant

Worry your face makeup will look pale under low temperature in winter? It is because the full white unnatural base foundation is not enough to create a nice makeup in cold days. Let the natural blush palette  play its magic by making your winter vibrant with some lovely and nice colors. The best blush palette  will modify your face shape and achieve a better complexion. What you need are some warm blush colors to follow these 3 perfect blush styles! With a soft blush brush, you can be pretty within seconds.

The lovely orange blush palette: find the highest point of your cheek bone first,  and then use the best blush brush to brush your face upward. Use the brush that stained with the brush later to draw circles around the central position of the cheekbone. In this way, the blush color in your face will be strengthened. It is using the shades to create an effect of hierarchy.

blush palette

natural blush palette
28 Colors Makeup Blush Blusher Set, Only US$10.99



Super natural red blush palette: use the oblique angled blush brush in the large area around the position of the prominent cheekbones. The way is to draw circles evenly too. Use the brush stained with red blush to paint below your cheekbones slightly, which will make your facial features look smaller and more obviously.

red blush palette

blush brush



Bright pink blush palette: with the middle finger taking the blush balm, gently leave 2-3 points on your cheekbone. Later use the index finger to apply the blush evenly around the cheek. Clap the blush slightly to avoid the color of the blush being unnatural and uneven. And the blush will last longer surprisingly by this way.

pink blush palette

best blush palette
FOCALLURE 3 In 1 Shimmer Bronzer Palette, US$8.59
colorful blush brush
7Pc/Set Glitter Mermaid Liquid Makeup Brushes Set




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Use The Best Blush Palette 2017 to Show A Lovely Complexion

Nars blush palette, tarte blush palette, elf blush palette or Newchic blush palette? Which is the favorite of makeup lovers? Blush makeup is essential for a makeup look for women that build a nice complexion easily. It would be the last makeup step by picking a perfect color from the best blush palette 2017. Follow the effective tips about the multi-color blush makeup palette to match your face shape and skin. Enjoy a lovely complexion now!

blush makeup


Sweet girl makeup style: The sweetest and cutest feel comes from the natural blush palette that created for you meeting a handsome at the corner of street. White and pink build a lovely visual effect of our face by creating an attractive blush makeup looks.

Pink blush makeup fit for: oval face, square face, diamond face.

pink blush makeup


Mature grapefruit style: One of the blush makeup tips to say goodbye to shyness of girlhood. To get a professional blush palette, a little sexy taste is preferred sometimes. The grapefruit color combining the energy of orange and pink enlighten a natural and the feminine complexion.

Orange blush makeup palette fit for : oval face, round face, diamond face.

blush palette

Newchic blush makeup
6 Colors Face Blush, Shade, Concealer









Mature women dark pink style: The alternation of seasons is like a symbol of the transition period from the girl to the women. Grown women should be eager to radiating a distinctive charm with the colorful blush makeup palette different from the before one. Choose an elegant deep and dark pink to highlight the complexion. After applying a fitting foundation, your face might even give out a transparent skin feel .

Fit for: any face shape.

dark pink blush makeup

Newchic blush palette
nanda 3-Color Baked Blush Makeup Natural










Red bean paste style: Some people think that red bean paste blush makeup looks older. That’s because they did not take it right! This almighty color of natural blush makeup palette can be applied to all kinds of skin color. A great match for both the light and heavy makeup. People with shorter faces can brush the blush with an upward sloping, making the face look slimmer and more mature.

Red blush makeup palette fit for face: oval face, round face, square face

red blush makeup palette


Newchic blush makeup palette
28 Colors Makeup Blush Blusher Set Kit







How to Match Lipstick With Eyeshadow

When we do makeup, we will think about what eyeshadow and lipstick are we going to apply today. But we should go further in this question: will they match with each other and build an coordinated makeup look? Though the color of our eyeshadow and lipstick look beautiful separately, they might look unfitting when we see our whole face. So how to match lipstick with eyeshadow? Newchic is giving a wonderful tutorial to you this time. First of all, we need to figure out what are the good combinations when it comes to lipstick and eyeshadow. They should be the same, similar or complementary colors.

  1. The dry rose lipstick is quite hot in 2017, plus an indistinct rose eyeshadow.

lipstick and eyeshadow

  1. This pink lipstick is super natural, pair it with a light and natural eyeshadow color to create a nude makeup effect. Or you can match pink lip with a semi-smoky eyeshadow boldly, which won’t be uncoordinated at all.

lipstick and eyeshadow

lipstick and eyeshadow

  1. If you want to go for a relatively not eye-catching eyeshadow,combining it with a juicy red lipstick can still highlight your look.

lipstick and eyeshadow

  1. The color of red bean will make you look so feminine when it stand together with the earth color eyeshadow.

lipstick and eyeshadow

  1. When the orange lipstick meets bright eyes with light olive green eyeshadow, it look so lively.

lipstick and eyeshadow

Find the recommendations from Newchic 11.11 Mega Sale, lipstick and eyeshadow are up to 50% off, plus extra coupons!

3 Colors Jelly Flower Temperature Change Lipstick, Free shipping, US$7.69
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8 Colors Matte Lipstick Velvet Waterproof Moisturizing, Only US$5.8
eyeshadow palette
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