DIY A Lipstick Out of the Eyeshadow Palette

Want to try some wild lipstick colors out without spending a lot in buying a new piece again, it is a smart and easy choice to make a lipstick shade out of your eyeshadow. The trick is that lipstick and eyeshadow have the similar pigment and can be a replacement for each other sometimes. So whether you are going to make your own special glitter lipstick or matte lipstick, as long as you have a glitter eyeshadow palette or matte eyeshadow palette, creating a personalized lipstick is a one-minute thing. Find the high quality yet cheap multi-functional eyeshadow palette in Newchic:

eyeshadow palette

FOCALLURE Eye Shadow Palette Matte Nudes Shimmer Glitter Makeup Eyeshadow Eyebrow Cosmetics, US$12.79


Tools you will need in this tutorial: best glitter eyeshadow palette or best matte eyeshadow palette (the colors that you want), mascara wand, a spoon of aquaphor or vaseline, a clean small container.

  1. Apply the mascara wand to scrape some of your pressed glitter eyeshadow palette or drugstore matte eyeshadow palette(you should decide that it is a glitter or matte lip color what you want to make). Pour the powder onto a piece of paper.

How to Make A Lipstick Out of the Eyeshadow

  1. Pour a little teaspoon of aquaphor or vaseline and the powder into a clean little bowl and mix them by stirring. The needed amount of the powder from the natural eyeshadow palette depends on the final look you want.

How to Make A Lipstick Out of the Eyeshadow 1

  1. The last step is to scoop your masterpiece into a clean container and cover with lid. Then you can apply your own lip color time to time!

How to Make A Lipstick Out of the Eyeshadow 2


Recommendations from Newchic:


glitter eyeshadow

BEAUTY GLAZED Colorful Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette Long-lasting Eye Shadow Natural Makeup, US$11.78


Newchic glitter eyeshadow palette

UCANBE Triangle Eyeshadow Palette Makeup Glow Highlighter Shimmer Face Brighten, US$11.69


matte eyeshadow palette

18 Colors Eye Shadow Palette Matte Naked Eyeshadow Waterproof Foundation Blush Makeup Kit, US$8.79


best eyeshadow palette

POPFEEL 54 Colors Eye Shadow Shimmer Glitter Waterproof Natural Matte Eyeshadow Palette, US$11.99




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How to Make Any Lipstick Matte?

You must want your glossy lipstick to look matte sometimes, here comes quite a useful but simple trick for you. Or when you just find it hard for your natural matte lipstick to create a completely matte visual effect, you don’t have to buy another new lipstick!


  1. Firstly, apply your natural glossy lipstick or best matte lipstick evenly as usual.

How to Make Your Glossy Lipstick Matte Easily


  1. Then blot the excess color of your red glossy lipstick or red matte lipstick with a piece of tissue, which might already brings a matte or semi-matte look.

How to Make Your Glossy Lipstick Matte Easily


  1. Use a makeup sponge to pat a little bit of translucent powder on your lips to enjoy a more matte look.

How to Make Your Glossy Lipstick Matte Easily


  1. Press your lips together to distribute and spread the translucent powder evenly. If your best glossy lipstickis is still a little shiny, apply a little bit more of translucent powder to your lips.

Newchic natural high-quality lipstick recommendations:

natural matte lipstick

O.TWO.O Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick Christmas Gifts Lip Gloss Moisturizing Waterproof 12 Colors, US$6.66

best glossy lipstick

O.TWO.O 2 In 1 Batom Matte Liquid Lipstick Matte Lip Gloss Moisturizing Lips Cosmetic, US$9.26

glossy lipstick

HANDAIYAN Shimmer Matte Glitter Lip Gloss Moisturizer Liquid Lipstick Waterproof, US$6.99


natural glossy lipstick

2 In 1 Mermaid Eye Shadow Makeup Waterproof Lipstick Loose Glitter Warm Eyeshadow Pigment, US$6.59




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Make Your Lip Makeup Look Perfect By 3 Simple Steps

Every girl knows something about painting a lip makeup, but not everyone do it professionally. Applying a perfect lip makeup like a pro is never to paint it carelessly. It require some tricks and necessary steps but not complex at all. Just with 3 simple steps, you can be a lip makeup master! Common tools you need in this tutorial: a natural lip balm, a wax lip liner, and a glitter lip gloss that fits you. No idea about  how to choose an appropriate lip gloss color, have a glance at this post first:

  1. Draw the outline of a nice lip shape with the Newchic waterproof wax lip liner. This step is necessary, which is going to achieve a perfect lip makeup shape for you. The main purpose of the lip line is to help your best glitter lip glossstay within the perfect outline, just where they should be.

wax lip liner

HUAMIANLI Lip Liner Pen Makeup Waterproof Lips Pencil Cosmetic 12 Colors, US$3.99



Newchic wax lip liner

IMAGIC 12 Colors Lip Liner Pen Lipstick Pencil Lips Makeup Cosmetic, US$3.99


  1. Apply the best natural lip balm before painting the red or pink glitter lip gloss. Your lips can be moisturizing enough in this way and enable the natural glitter lip gloss look better. It will last longer too. The mild ingredients of the natural lip balm for dry lips can care for your properly.

natural lip balm

BIOAQUA Natural Honey Lip Balm Moisturizing Smooth Soft Nourish Lips Care, US$3.02


  1. Paint the moisturizing glitter lip gloss on your lips carefully. Don’t use the red glitter lip gloss outside the lip line you just drew. Paint the holographic glitter lip gloss harder in the middle of your lips while lighter in the both two ends. At last, shut your lips lightly, remember, lightly, over strength will ruin the lip shape you just created.

glitter lip gloss


Crystal Shining Glitter Lip Gloss Liquid Lips Cosmetic Long Lasting Moisturizer Makeup 12 Colors, US$3.99

Newchic glitter lip gloss

HANDAIYAN Shimmer Matte Glitter Lip Gloss Moisturizer Liquid Lipstick Waterproof, US$6.99





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Make Your Lip Makeup Like This Way, You Will Become Single on Valentine’s Day!

For the date on Valentine, what’s else worth your attention besides the fancy dress.  A perfect makeup! And it is not achieved without a sexy matte lipstick. Maybe you think you have the best lipstick on earth,  but if you apply it in following mistaken ways, not threatening, you are probably to become single on this Valentine!

  1. Draw the matte lipstick out of your lip bound.

Not a rare accident for girls, but when your natural matte lipstick is spread out of the border or stick to your teeth, it is not natural at all and your will stop kissing thought!

Apply Your Lip Makeup in This Way, You Will Become Single on Valentine's Day


Newchic matte lipstick

MISS ROSE Sexy Red Matte Velvet Lipstick Cosmetic Waterproof Mineral Makeup Lips, US$8.59


  1. Go for the inappropriate glitter lipstickcolor.

The typical example of the wrong lipstick color is shown below. The difference and importance of choosing a right colors are obvious.

Apply Your Lip Makeup in This Way, You Will Become Single on Valentine's Day 2


glitter lipstick

Crystal Shining Glitter Lip Gloss Long Lasting Moisturizer 12 Colors, US$3.99



  1. Want to achieve the classic red matte lipswithout drawing the lip line.

Many woman worship the lovely affluent red lips, but they might ignore the necessary step of drawing the lip line. Remember, it is a must-have step to create a vintage lip makeup.

Apply Your Lip Makeup in This Way, You Will Become Single on Valentine's Day 3


Newchic glitter lipstick

HANDAIYAN Shimmer Matte Glitter Lip Gloss Moisturizer Liquid Lipstick Waterproof, US$6.99


  1. Apply the moisturizing glitter lipsticksdirectly.

If you paint the lipstick to your lips directly, it is easy to make the lips sticky and makeup off.

Apply Your Lip Makeup in This Way, You Will Become Single on Valentine's Day 4


matte lipstick

MISS RÔSE Matte Rose Lipstick Nude Deep Red Lip Sticks Waterproof 7 Colors, US$8.99

What Is the Best Way to Sort Out Your Makeup Bags?

Brushes, eyeliner, shadow palette, lash clips, lipstick, there are so many things in your cosmetic bags. It is naturally to get annoyed while spending a lot of time to find the expected cosmetics from such a mess. Want a simple but effective methodology to sort out our makeup bags organizer? To save unnecessarily wasted space? In this post, Newchic shows you four easy steps to clean your large cosmetic bag easily. Now, you can use Newchic best cosmetic bag to create the perfect makeup looks anytime and anywhere.

Newchic makeup case


  1. Check up.

First, take every cosmetic out of your cosmetics bags or makeup case, then check everything carefully. Bbroken, leaky and dirty things in your travel cosmetic bags need to be thrown away. These products can also be loaded into the new containers if you want. The liquid foundation can be poured into a new bottle. The broken lipstick can be scraped and put into the cosmetic split disc to create a professional lipstick box. The cover-missing lip liner and eye liner can be placed into the clean zipper plastic bags.

travel makeup bags
Nylon Cloth Double Zipper Cosmetic Bags Travel Toiletry Bag Storage Brush Organizer, US$9.99


2. Discard.

The second thing to do is to discard the makeup products that you bought more than 2 years ago but you have never used . Your designer cosmetic bag might accommodate the most popular colors you see in magazines, but you don’t like it anymore when you buy it home; or the texture of cosmetics is not appropriate for your skin; even the cosmetic with ingredients that cause acne problem to you. Whatever the reason is, it is a right decision to discard them. For the cosmetics in the personalized makeup bags you have not used before or only used once or twice, it will be a sweet idea to send them to the people who might need them, like a theatrical group.

cosmetic case
5 Colors Portable Zipper Cosmetic Storage Bag Lattice Travel Case, Only US$4.45

3. Preservation.

After you clean up the mess in your cheap makeup bag, now it is time to check your basic cosmetics carefully. Start with the foundation. If you have five even six different foundation in your professional makeup case, but you will need only two in fact, smell each of them, if the smell or concentration got changed, you should throw them away too. Then take a mirror out and put a little bit of the foundation on your cheek, observe your face under sunlight, only the foundations that blend in with your complexion are worth keeping. The ideal foundation match your complexion perfectly.

Next, look at your lipsticks. Most women will have more than 1 lip glosses in their makeup bags. If you are one of them, you may find that you have some lipsticks seldom be applied. Think about which one you’re really going to use and only keep one or two. Take care of eye shadow palette and blush in the same way, stop keeping the cosmetics you won’t use in your cosmetic bags.

Newchic PU cosmetic case
Crocodile Pattern Cosmetics Case PU Makeup Bag Box Organizer Toiletry Travel With Mirror, US$10.99


large makeup bags
Double Layers Cosmetic Bag Dot Makeup Storage Multifunctional Travel Portable, Only US$7.59


4. Maintenance.

Once you put all the cosmetics out of the stylish cosmetic bag, you can do some simple product maintenance. Wipe your travel makeup case with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. Label the cosmetics you have bought for sometime, then you can figure out which is going to pass the expiration soon. Especially the mascara that can only be kept for about six months normally. Never expose the makeup products to the sunlight, or it will go dry and bad quickly.

Newchic large makeup travel bags
Travel Organizer Hanging Toiletry Cosmetics MakeUp Large Capacity Multifunction Storage Bag, US$14.88



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Which Is Better: Matte Eyeshaodw Palette Or Glitter Eyeshadow Palette?

Shopping the best eyeshadow pallets when we were makeup beginners, there is an unavoidable question in mind: which is better, matte eyeshadow palette or pressed glitter eyeshadow palette? In fact, even the quite experienced makeup applier will get confused about which eye shadow palette to choose when they go for different makeup styles. Drugstore matte eyeshadow palette and loose glitter eyeshaodw palette both have diversified color choice. But they have their own characteristics, we should have a clear idea before applying them on our eyelids.

Newchic glitter eyeshadow palette
IMAGIC Glitter Eyeshadow Magnet Palette Diamond Rainbow, US$16.99


The characteristics of natural matte eyeshadow palettes: being matte but not reflective brings an elegant decency, which usually show a natural refreshing eye makeup style. In general, we often use the gray, black, brown or earth color in the best matte eyeshadow palette to create daily makeup looks. Normally women won’t choose a matte eyeshadow palette for brown eyes with too many colors since we want them to cater for our basic needs only. 4 to 10 color options are quite enough for most of us. To show a matte but not dry visual effect, the regular moisturizing steps before applying the eye shadow palette must not be left out.

Appropriate occasions for matte eyeshadow palette: to match formal or casual clothes, to participate in the daily activities and for work, for ordinary dinner.

matte eyeshadow palette
4-Color Nude Matte Eyeshadow Palette, US$9.69


natural matte eyeshadow palettes
COCOSH SHE Makeup 9 Colors Meet Matte Eye Shadow Palette, US$12.65


The best advantage of the best glitter eyeshadow palette is that it can be used to brighten the area around our eyes. It can highlight our eyes and make them look deeper. When the obvious and shiny colors in the online glitter eyeshadow palette make a contract color collocation, a cool and special visual effect is created. There are glittering reflectors in the ingredients of this kind of eye shadow palettes for brown eyes , so it is always preferred choices for more lively and exaggerated requirements. Not all of the cheap glitter eyeshadow palettes in the market are heavy and shiny in the same degree, we can make personalized decisions according to our own specific needs. Similarly, we should not forget the moisturizing steps before applying the natural glitter eyeshadow palette.

Suitable occasions of glitter eyeshadow palette: at night when the light is softer and weaker, when you want to go for a smoky makeup looks, or participate in holiday activities or parties, or to match fancy outfits.

pressed glitter eyeshadow palette
IMAGIC Glitter Eyeshadow Magnet Palette Diamond Rainbow, US$16.99


loose glitter eyeshaodw palette
BEAUTY GLAZED Colorful Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette Long-lasting, US$11.78





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Achieve Perfect Eyebrow With the Eyebrow Stamps In Namely Just One Second!

If you have ever tried the eyebrow stamp, you will fall in love with it at once. It enables us to finish the eyebrow makeup with just one second, namely just one second! The designer of eyebrow stamp kit declares that it is an eyebrow enhancer especially made for the lazy girls. Well, to be honest, lazy or not, with the best eyebrow stamp, who else would still spend so much time drawing the makeup with drugstore eyebrow pencil?

eyebrow stamp kit

We used to draw our eyebrows with a natural eyebrow pencil very carefully in every morning. What’s worse, sometimes we need to wipe it off to start over again if our hands were trembling to produce unsatisfactory curves. Also, deciding which eyebrow enhancer makeup color we are going to apply to match the whole facial makeup style today can take a lot of time with so many lovely choices too. Spend nearly half an hour earlier in it before going to work? A natural eyebrow stamp can solve this problem for you immediately! Just one stamp by your good eyebrow stamp, you  don’ t have to draw the eyebrow anymore!

Various shapes:

natural eyebrow stamp


Decide your favorite colors of the eyebrow stamps according to the matching color for your daily face makeup. The rule for choosing the right color of a perfect eyebrow enhancer with fibers is that it should be coordinated with your overall makeup, which avoid a bad contrast effect. Usually, the brow eyebrow stamp or a light black eyebrow stamp is versatile for most of the makeup style. So you should have a brow eyebrow stamp kit and a black eyebrow stamp kit standing by in reserve by to cater for your basic needs. If you want to go for a special and more eye-catching eyebrow makeup some day, then use a colorful eyebrow enhancer like a best eyebrow pencil , which is a more cost-saving way in the long-term.

Various colors:

best eyebrow stamp

Grab the eyebrow stamps facebook of different shape to achieve more trending styles. Straight or round, hard angled or soft angled, or S-shaped? You can choose different shapes of the waterproof eyebrow stamps to enjoy a more personalized fitting. Remember the eyebrow shapes should not only chase the most hitting trends, more importantly, they should match your face shape, especially the shape of your eyes. Round face should go for: arched eyebrow. Square face: slightly drooping eyebrow shape. Long face: straight eyebrow.

Super easy steps:

waterproof eyebrow stamps





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4 Best beauty Bloggers

Hello, lovely blogger readers, this post is different than others because this time I wanted to share not only amazing beauty products, but also recommend 4 really good beauty bloggers to you. They have very smart posts about beauty, trends, fitness and makeup methods, follow!

1. Kayture:

The most influential blog in Switzerland, and one of the biggest names worldwide thanks to it’s vast international reach. According to teen vogue, Kristina is « « singlehandedly making Geneva, Switzerland, the French-speaking fashion capital of the world with her je ne sais quoi”

2.Newchic Beauty:

In Newchic Beauty, you can find many Makeup Reviews and makeup tips, no matter you want to look prettier or just start to learn to apply makeup, Newchic Beauty can satisfy your need by presenting fashion but simple skills and instruction pictures step by step. At the same time, you can find many beauty products of the most new trends here.


3.Blog De Moda Barcelona:

The blogger graduated in Business Administration with a Master’s degree in Fashion Marketing and Communication. She also have been training as a stylist and personal shopper. After her first Paris Fashion Week. That moment changed the course of her life forever.

4.Tricia will go places:

Tricia is a 27-year-old life, style, and travel photographer-blogger living in Manila, Philippines. You can find many posts about beauty in her blog too.