How to Choose the Righ Colors of Matte Lipstick?

As an indispensable cosmetic, natual matte lipstick brings the best visual effect to our faces. Even though sometimes we don’t do the makeup, we will still apply our matte lipstick too. A red matte lipstick highlights a good complexion and attractive smile immeditaly, but only when you find the approprite one. How? Maybe you know that it should be based on your natural skin color. However, you may ignore the fact that different occasions, seasons and clothing colors need to be taken into consideration too.


a. When you are about to attend an important dinner or feasts, leaving others a frivolous impression is kind of your goal. Then a classic red matte lipstick is perfect to make you look mature, avoid glossy color.
b. Going for a job interview candidate, make sure you look serious and respectful. Pink matte lipstick series is natural and steady.
c. A fresh color is appropriate for outdoor activities and the orange matte lipstick looks vivid, lively, which create a makeup style full of vigor.
d. When it comes to a party night, choose a dazzling performance. Heavy color matte lipstick helps you to nail it.


a.Saffron yellow, rose or coral liquid matte lipstick is quite harmonious with natural scenes in Spring.
b.Light pink natural matte lipsticks are the best to show a sense of vitality in summer.
c. In Autumn, an orange matte lipstick show off your nice feminine soft skin.
d. Make-up should be clear and sharp in winter. So dark cool colored best matte lipstick shades create a 3D visual effect.


Clothing of different colors:
a. Black: facial make-up requires much thinking for black outfits. It is better to choose natural red matte lipstick, which brings a luxuriant and mature effect.
b. White: a clear matte lip gloss makes your looks more sedate in white clothing. A pink natural lipstick seems elegant, rich with some youthful flavor.
c. Red: red clothing should match with the same color liquid matte lipstick, or pink, or the look might seem uncoordinated.
d. Purple: go for a purple matte lipstick too, avoid the contradicted red lipstick for purple.


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Why To Use the Natural Lip Balm?

Most women pay much attention to the cosmetics and beauty products that being used on their face, legs and hands, so spending a little bit of consideration in finding the best natural lip balm is necessary too. Since lips are one of the most sensitive parts of our body, it is fair to apply the natural lip balm couple of times per day. We must avoid the harmful ingredients on our lips dry or chapped lips. But why exactly? How the natural ice lip balm soothe our lips?

Protect the sensitive skin of your mouth from harsh temperatures that could irritate the tissue. The best natural lip balm contains non-poisonous chemicals, pesticides, additives or synthetic ingredients that could harm your lips, so it has a strong soothing effect. When your lips got chapped under dry and cold climate, you have to use the natural lip balm that uses proven mild moisturizers to create a natural and soft protective barrier.

natural lip balmBIOAQUA Natural Honey Lip Balm Moisturizing Smooth Soft Nourish Lips Care, US$3.02


The natural ice lip balm provides significant health benefits too. They are rich in vitamins and antioxidants that not only make your lips feel softer, but also improves the health of your lips by providing enough nourishment. Your lips will only feel great because it can actually repair the damage caused by sun exposure. Moreover, some natural lip balms are helpful to prevent the growth of infection-causing bacteria. All of above mean that it can protect your lips and promote healthy skin.

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Temperature Cherry Liquid Lipstick Moisturizing Changing Color Lipgloss Blossom, US$9.99


Where to buy the best natural lip balm? Newchic is offering the nice items with low prices. The mild elements of the Newchic natural lip balm is going to care for your lips in a natural and healthy way. With a nice lip balm, your lips can be charming enough even without the fancy lipstick colors.

natural lip balms

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The 4 Best Glitter Lip Glosses for 2018 Summer

Women should not only update their wardrobe in summer but also their makeup bags too. When the hot day comes, we should create some seasonal styles to stay perfect all the time. Annoying sweating must not melt our makeup looks. Among so many cosmetics that cling to summer, a clear glitter lip gloss is a must. Pink glitter lip gloss is made for the fresh summer naturally. Have a look at the amazing looks that achieved by the best glitter lip gloss.

Amazing looks achieved by the clear glitter lip gloss, take the pink glitter lip gloss as an especially nice example.

clear glitter lip gloss makeup looks


How to apply glitter lip gloss? Paint the natural lip balm before applying the best glitter lip gloss, then your lips can be moisturizing enough and the gloss look lasts longer. Apply the clear glitter lip gloss carefully and never draw pink glitter lip gloss outside the lip line. Paint the best glitter lip gloss from harder in the middle of your lips to lighter in both two ends. At last, shut your lips lightly.

pink glitter makeup look


Where to buy the amazing yet best clear glitter lip gloss? Newchic has updated the summer glitter lip gloss range for you. To embrace the hot season in a fresh way, grab one pink glitter lip gloss to be a sweet princess.

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Make Your Lip Makeup Look Perfect By 3 Simple Steps

Every girl knows something about painting a lip makeup, but not everyone do it professionally. Applying a perfect lip makeup like a pro is never to paint it carelessly. It require some tricks and necessary steps but not complex at all. Just with 3 simple steps, you can be a lip makeup master! Common tools you need in this tutorial: a natural lip balm, a wax lip liner, and a glitter lip gloss that fits you. No idea about  how to choose an appropriate lip gloss color, have a glance at this post first:

  1. Draw the outline of a nice lip shape with the Newchic waterproof wax lip liner. This step is necessary, which is going to achieve a perfect lip makeup shape for you. The main purpose of the lip line is to help your best glitter lip glossstay within the perfect outline, just where they should be.

wax lip liner

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Newchic wax lip liner

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  1. Apply the best natural lip balm before painting the red or pink glitter lip gloss. Your lips can be moisturizing enough in this way and enable the natural glitter lip gloss look better. It will last longer too. The mild ingredients of the natural lip balm for dry lips can care for your properly.

natural lip balm

BIOAQUA Natural Honey Lip Balm Moisturizing Smooth Soft Nourish Lips Care, US$3.02


  1. Paint the moisturizing glitter lip gloss on your lips carefully. Don’t use the red glitter lip gloss outside the lip line you just drew. Paint the holographic glitter lip gloss harder in the middle of your lips while lighter in the both two ends. At last, shut your lips lightly, remember, lightly, over strength will ruin the lip shape you just created.

glitter lip gloss


Crystal Shining Glitter Lip Gloss Liquid Lips Cosmetic Long Lasting Moisturizer Makeup 12 Colors, US$3.99

Newchic glitter lip gloss

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Make Your Lip Makeup Like This Way, You Will Become Single on Valentine’s Day!

For the date on Valentine, what’s else worth your attention besides the fancy dress.  A perfect makeup! And it is not achieved without a sexy matte lipstick. Maybe you think you have the best lipstick on earth,  but if you apply it in following mistaken ways, not threatening, you are probably to become single on this Valentine!

  1. Draw the matte lipstick out of your lip bound.

Not a rare accident for girls, but when your natural matte lipstick is spread out of the border or stick to your teeth, it is not natural at all and your will stop kissing thought!

Apply Your Lip Makeup in This Way, You Will Become Single on Valentine's Day


Newchic matte lipstick

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  1. Go for the inappropriate glitter lipstickcolor.

The typical example of the wrong lipstick color is shown below. The difference and importance of choosing a right colors are obvious.

Apply Your Lip Makeup in This Way, You Will Become Single on Valentine's Day 2


glitter lipstick

Crystal Shining Glitter Lip Gloss Long Lasting Moisturizer 12 Colors, US$3.99



  1. Want to achieve the classic red matte lipswithout drawing the lip line.

Many woman worship the lovely affluent red lips, but they might ignore the necessary step of drawing the lip line. Remember, it is a must-have step to create a vintage lip makeup.

Apply Your Lip Makeup in This Way, You Will Become Single on Valentine's Day 3


Newchic glitter lipstick

HANDAIYAN Shimmer Matte Glitter Lip Gloss Moisturizer Liquid Lipstick Waterproof, US$6.99


  1. Apply the moisturizing glitter lipsticksdirectly.

If you paint the lipstick to your lips directly, it is easy to make the lips sticky and makeup off.

Apply Your Lip Makeup in This Way, You Will Become Single on Valentine's Day 4


matte lipstick

MISS RÔSE Matte Rose Lipstick Nude Deep Red Lip Sticks Waterproof 7 Colors, US$8.99

How to Match Lipstick With Eyeshadow

When we do makeup, we will think about what eyeshadow and lipstick are we going to apply today. But we should go further in this question: will they match with each other and build an coordinated makeup look? Though the color of our eyeshadow and lipstick look beautiful separately, they might look unfitting when we see our whole face. So how to match lipstick with eyeshadow? Newchic is giving a wonderful tutorial to you this time. First of all, we need to figure out what are the good combinations when it comes to lipstick and eyeshadow. They should be the same, similar or complementary colors.

  1. The dry rose lipstick is quite hot in 2017, plus an indistinct rose eyeshadow.

lipstick and eyeshadow

  1. This pink lipstick is super natural, pair it with a light and natural eyeshadow color to create a nude makeup effect. Or you can match pink lip with a semi-smoky eyeshadow boldly, which won’t be uncoordinated at all.

lipstick and eyeshadow

lipstick and eyeshadow

  1. If you want to go for a relatively not eye-catching eyeshadow,combining it with a juicy red lipstick can still highlight your look.

lipstick and eyeshadow

  1. The color of red bean will make you look so feminine when it stand together with the earth color eyeshadow.

lipstick and eyeshadow

  1. When the orange lipstick meets bright eyes with light olive green eyeshadow, it look so lively.

lipstick and eyeshadow

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Drawing Ways for Different Lip Shapes

Different women have different lip shapes. For lip makeup, lip shape is namely a dispensable consideration. When ladies choose right colors and suitable lip drawing methods, their complexion of face will be so great and vivid. Now, Newchic is going to show you the best ways to draw an appropriate makeup for various lip shapes.

  1. Drooping lips. If you have drooping lips, circle your lips with a concealer first. Then use a lip liner to outline them. You should make the ends of lips slightly upturned. Next, choose lipstick color similar to your lips color, which weaken the visual effect of the lips. Applying brown lip liner to draw slightly upturned lips on both sides.
  1. Thin lips. Its biggest advantage is saving lipstick. If you want to create a sexy thicker style? Use the pencil to draw lip slowly then put the lip color in the position of the dotted line. We advise you to choose a color of high saturation and bright enough to highlight your lips.
  1. Elliptic lip. This shape is quite lovely but not so obvious sometimes. So they might lack of the sense of line. If you want to highlight the line feeling, you can first use concealer to cover the upper lip, then draw the lip line on both sides, V form is good. Need to note that the lip should avoid wearing over bright lipstick.
  1. Thick lips. Thick lips represent sexy. But it is not suitable for everyone. People with deep outline and three-dimensional facial feature in Europe and America might earn extra points for this lip shape. For most of the Asian, they probably need to cover  the thick lip line smartly. Then paint the lip range that you like and coat with the suitable color. Middle part of the lips can be coated with deep color, which can reduce the visual effect.

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lip makeup

lip makeup
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