Why To Use the Natural Lip Balm?

Most women pay much attention to the cosmetics and beauty products that being used on their face, legs and hands, so spending a little bit of consideration in finding the best natural lip balm is necessary too. Since lips are one of the most sensitive parts of our body, it is fair to apply the natural lip balm couple of times per day. We must avoid the harmful ingredients on our lips dry or chapped lips. But why exactly? How the natural ice lip balm soothe our lips?

Protect the sensitive skin of your mouth from harsh temperatures that could irritate the tissue. The best natural lip balm contains non-poisonous chemicals, pesticides, additives or synthetic ingredients that could harm your lips, so it has a strong soothing effect. When your lips got chapped under dry and cold climate, you have to use the natural lip balm that uses proven mild moisturizers to create a natural and soft protective barrier.

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The natural ice lip balm provides significant health benefits too. They are rich in vitamins and antioxidants that not only make your lips feel softer, but also improves the health of your lips by providing enough nourishment. Your lips will only feel great because it can actually repair the damage caused by sun exposure. Moreover, some natural lip balms are helpful to prevent the growth of infection-causing bacteria. All of above mean that it can protect your lips and promote healthy skin.

best natural lip balm

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Where to buy the best natural lip balm? Newchic is offering the nice items with low prices. The mild elements of the Newchic natural lip balm is going to care for your lips in a natural and healthy way. With a nice lip balm, your lips can be charming enough even without the fancy lipstick colors.

natural lip balms

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How to Look Younger By Makeup

Makeup is a magic that makes us confident and every woman wants to stay young and beautiful forever. We pay much attention to daily skincare, which is essential. But when we are going for a first day with a man, we surly want to look our best immediately. Well, then a makeup that can even enable us to look 10 years younger would be our savior. From lip gloss to eye shadow, there are specific tips to build a young look!

  1. Choosing a clear and smooth base like liquid foundation is important. The foundation will look more natural and exquisite in your face if you use an egg makeup sponge or a makeup brush. Don’t choose foundation that is too white for your skin color, or you will only look pale but not young.

lip gloss

  1. Abandon thick eyeliners and exaggerated smokey eye makeup, which will make you look not so fresh. Pink and orange eye shadow are good style to build a young look. False eyelashes are not necessary.

lip gloss

  1. Don’t go too far with your blush. You should show a good complexion but not be a clown. Apply the pink blush on the it on your risoriusc gently, that would be the raised area when you smile.

lip gloss

  1. The other tips is about the lip color. Choice for young looks: nude color, light pink and tender red. They are also quite fresh for summer. They will definitely make you look younger. And I recommend lip gloss of these colors, because lip gloss are better to let your lips moist.

lip gloss



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