Flats still significant leg length!

People often say,flat shoes for women significantly short legs. However, this may just be the man to put legs lie! Who says only high heel shoes can help you get big legs? Flat boots also stretched his legs from the slightest ambiguity. I really do not know how many years you cheated in the end …


Although high-heeled shoes has been a remarkable thin legs in the crowd, but definitely comfortable flat shoes sexy high-heeled who can not be compared. So, even if to a lesser extent Slim put on high heels, flat shoes but still in the closet position is still not be underestimated.


Speaking Flats diehard powder, Miranda Kerr must count as one! Take daily trips from the airport to the street, can not wear high heels, you absolutely will not give up Kerr sister’s flat shoes!


Flat shoes can be described as extremely popular supermodel circle, from the “cosmic web red” gold sister to her girlfriends Gigi Hadid, anyone who is not a few who are decent flat shoes look, he seems that supermodel lost people!