Why Hawaiian Shirts Are Awesome

What is the most fashion and casual type of men shirts? Definitely Hawaiian shirts! To prove Hawaiian shirts are so much more than your dad’s vacation staple and enlighten their greatness. Popular website Buzzfeed had asked some men to style Hawaiian Shirts and this is what happened:

图片1                BlogStyle Society Guy                                           Instagram: @stylesocietyguy

图片2         BlogReal Guys Wear Ties                                         Instagram: @danchiz

图片3              BlogOne Dapper Street                                          Instagram: @marcelfloruss

图片4                Blog: Denny Balmaceda                                                Instagram: denny623

So we can see how fascinating the Hawaiian Shirts are and why they are so popular now. Hawaiian shirts are totally cool for the summer. They’re light, colorful, and an easy way for any guy to incorporate fun prints into his wardrobe.

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