4 Easy Steps to Apply An Eyelash Curler

Worrying that they might hurt their eyes, women might be scared of curling their eyelash with the eyelash curler. Actually, there is no need to since it is pain-free and safe and you’ll only be left with beautifully curled lashes that accentuate your eyes as long as you are brave to try. Novice or pro, following 4 step can get you luscious lashes with the best eyelash curler quickly. We don’t recommend using heated eyelash curlers on your false eyelash here since they have a curvature already and too much won’t look real.

1. Your lashes should be clean and mascara-free before using the eyelash curler for straight lashes since the dry mascara makes your lashes hard, not flexible and even lead to breakage. Keep your eyes open while using the drugstore eyelash curler and place your upper lashes between the two sides of it.

eyelash curler

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2.Start to curl from the inner corner of your eye from now, put the curler as close as possible to your eyelid without pinching your skin. Put gentle pressure on the eyelash curler when your lashes are tucked inside. Avoid clamping the eyelashes too hard, otherwise, it gives your lashes a weird 90-degree angle bend rather than a natural curve, which might even be exaggerated than the drugstore fake eyelashes.

Hot to Use An Eyelash Curler In 4 Simple Steps


3.Hold the curling position for ten seconds, then repeat it a couple of times if necessary. The rule is to move outward to curl the entire lash line, and a high-quality cheap eyelash curler won’t require you to press too hard.

heated eyelash curlers

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4. Brush the eyelashes with the eyelashe brush. And apply the mascara freely to enjoy a darker and luscious eye makeup now.

Hot to Use An Eyelash Curler In 4 Simple Steps


eyelash curler for straight lashes

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The Detailed Tutorial to Put On Fake Eyelashes

We women always want beautiful and luscious eyelashes, but not everyone of us are gifted with natural long and thick lashes luckily. So we really appreciate the invention of the best brand false eyelashes. But not all of us think the long, full best false eyelashes that look natural are easy to stick too. With following tutorial step by step, even the beginners can put on the natural fake eyelashes perfectly and easily.

  1. The first step is to curl your own eyelashes with an eyelash curler.

How to Put On Fake Eyelashes1

  1. Compare the  best fake eyelashes for beginners to your own ones.

How to Put On Fake Eyelashes2

  1. Then cut the over-long part of your best fake lashes, which avoid too exaggerated and unnatural feels of your lashes.

How to Put On Fake Eyelashes3

  1. Bend the false eyelashes according to the your eyelashes’ original bending direction. Fake eyelashes before and after looks should be natural but not dramatic.

How to Put On Fake Eyelashes4

  1. Brush the specific glue on the stem of the best brand false eyelashes.

How to Put On Fake Eyelashes5

  1. Wait until the fake eyelash glue  is dry enough, the glue should look transparent after seconds.

How to Put On Fake Eyelashes6

  1. Put on the best false eyelashes for small eyes from the middle to both ends, let the natural false eyelashes cover your own ones to  create an better visual effect.

How to Put On Fake Eyelashes7

  1. Use a cotton bud to separate the messy lashes and make the drugstore fake eyelashes more fitting.

How to Put On Fake Eyelashes8

  1. Finally have a check on the eyelashes to see if the best false eyelashes for everyday is applied to your natural ones neatly. Mix together evenly. It is time to use the false lash mascara if you want.

How to Put On Fake Eyelashes9




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If you want to go for something special and bold, blue feather false eyelashes is your best choice!

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10 Tips For Applying A Natural Eye Makeup Look

Girls have different different opinions about their eye makeup. It is an immortal truth that everyone should have its own style, but in most occasions, the makeup should be moderate. Scary heavy makeup is inappropriate while too light eye makeup will have a weak visual effect. So how to apply a complete and beautiful eye makeup? Follow several easy steps, you can achieve it easily and quickly. What are needed: best eyeshadow palette from Newchic, waterproof eyeliner pencil, eyelash curler, concealer, and natural false eyelashes.


1. If your black rim of eye is obvious, apply a layer of concealer on the lower eyelid to cover it firstly, or your eyes will look dull and tired.

eye makeup

2. Use the black waterproof eyeliner pencil to draw the eyeliner carefully, avoid the eyeliner pencil stretch out or touch the eyeballs.

eye makeup

best eyeshadow palette from Newchic


3. The end of the eye look upward slightly.

eye makeup


4. Extend the eyeliners from the head to the bottom, and just drew a little bit in the lower eyeliner.

eye makeup


5. Use black eye shadow in your matte eyeshadow palette slightly to dye lower eyelid.

eye makeup

best eyeshadow palette from Newchic


6. Evenly apply a coat of earth color eyeshadow on the upper eyelid. Pay attention to the layering sense.

eye makeup

7. Diffuse a little bit more on thelower eyelid.

eye makeup

8. Use eyelash curlerto curlthe eyelash.

eye makeup

9. Now to stick the best cheap fakeeyelashes, apply special glueof false eyelash first and then stick the brand false eyelashes carefully.

eye makeup

natural false eyelashes


10.Remember to deal with the details patiently, otherwise your eye makeup will seem unnatural. Compare the before and after look, a nice eye makeup is done.

eye makeup