Achieve Perfect Eye Makeup with These 3 Easiest Tools

Eye makeup is the most essential and difficult part of the whole makeup looks. Women will spend much time in designing and drawing different eye styles, which requires various makeup tools. But the most basic steps require quite regular ones so we want to make them simpler and simpler. In 2018, make it easiest to create perfect makeup looks with the simplest tools from Newchic: versatile cat eye liner stencil, convenient eyebrow stamp, and natural fake eyelashes.

Drawing nice eye liners is difficult and takes much time? Here comes a bonus for you. Different angles of the easy cat eye liner create different eye lines for you. Light one, thick one, it can outline both for you. Each part of it is just like a treasure! Newchic cat eye liner can also act as a useful tool to paint the eye shadow. Any way, you don’t need to worry about how to draw the perfect eye liners in 2018 any more.

cat eye liner stencil

cat eye liner
Cat Eye Eyeliner Stencil Makeup Eyes Liner Stencil Models Eyeshadow Template Shaper Tool, US$4.99


Best eyebrow stamp is easy to use, long-lasting, natural and water-proof. It is suitable for makeup starters and seniors. Choose it according to the color of your frequently-used eyebrow pencil. There is a box of eyebrow powder and two eyebrow stamp models in the Newchic eyebrow stamp kit. Just press the stamp upon the eyebrow powder and then stamp it on your eyebrow. Namely one second!

eyebrow stamp

Newchic eyebrow stamp
Makeup Eyebrow Gel Brow Stamp Grey Brown Powder Seal Waterproof Cosmetic Tools, $7.99


With the great invention of fake eyelashes for beginners, women who were not born with long eyelahses can own beautiful and luscious eyelashes too. Being natural is more and more of a requirement for the best fake eyelashes. Drugstore fake eyelashes are not easy to stick sometimes, remember to use the professional glue and follow the instruction by Newchic in:

Newchic fake eyelashes

natural fake eyelashes
O.TWO.O Magnetic Eye Lashes Reusable Thicker 3D Magnet Longer False Lash Makeup, US$9.39



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Finish Your Eyebrow Makeup Within One Second!

Many girls think that the eye makeup is the most difficult part in your makeup, which I totally agree. I find that I need to draw my eyebrow very carefully and often need to wipe it off to start over again because my hands might tremble suddenly. Upset? Yes, that would be the feeling that I have before. Now, I has this thing like a magic wand–eyebrow stamp from Newchic! With it, I even don’t need to draw the eyebrow at all. Just with one stamp, my eyebrow makeup will be finished in one second!

 eyebrow stamp


How dose the eyebrow stamp look like and how to use it? In this Newchic package, there are one eyebrow powder and two eyebrow stamp models. Take the stamp out and press it upon the eyebrow powder, then you can stamp it on your eyebrow to build the eyebrow shape immediately. Stamp it right along your own eyebrow or it might be unnatural. If you  worry that the powder isn’t pressed upon the stamp brush neatly, just try it on your hand first.

eye shadow brush set

Clearly you can see many benefits of eyebrow stamp: easy to wear, long-lasting, natural and water-proof, suitable for every season. Choose it the color according to your frequently-used eyebrow pencil.