How Should We Apply Concealer

Many women makeup products will make the skin look rough and have a unnatural feel in the dry cold seasons, what a horrible thing  it is! It might even lead to fine lines if the cream foundation is not moisturizing enough, especially the concealer. The best concealer should not only have an effective coverage power but also is natural and moisturizing enough to avoid skin problems. How to apply concealer? There are some essential details we should know about the upgrade cream foundation for dry skin-concealer.

best concealer
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The natural concealer’s  first consideration is the covering function for sure because we are applying it to achieve a perfect base foundation looks. If  you use an effective concealer during your period when there is a big red acne in your face, the acne might be covered easily. But usually when the function of the concealer is stronger, the ingredients of it are less moisturizing. So we have to pay attention to the moisturizing effect of the concealer besides the covering power to take care of this common shortcoming.

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The moisturizing concealer is regarded as a natural liquid foundation under most occasions. But the covering power of the good ones is much stronger than the cream foundation in fact. When the moisturizing essence is added into the ingredients of concealer, it can be used in any position on the face, like the concealer under eye to avoid the wrinkles around the eye area. It is fair to say that the increase of moisture and the loss of the covering power are concurrent. But there is a obvious advantage that it fit the cream foundation stick better so that the complexion can be highlighted more evenly and naturally.

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The best way it to apply the concealers of different textures in the different position of face. Specifically, use the cream concealer to cover the acne area, use concealer stick for dark circle in the eye area, and apply the fitting liquid concealer for the cheek freckles.

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My First Cosmetics Package From Newchic

Here comes a review of the surprising Chinese cosmetics. It is from the website named Newchic, which I think worth your visiting. I always expect the shipping can be faster when I make online orders, and the package did not make me disappointed. What’s in my package are some cosmetics: pallet of 15 eyeshadows, concealer, black lip gloss. Happily, when I take away the packing, what I see are exactly as those shown in the site!

1. A Pallet of 15 Eyeshadows
I think this pallet enough for my makeup use. And the packing of it is quite complete. Not like some company only use a layer plastic packaging when the products are not expensive. 

The price is US$ 3.95, click the pictures to see more details.

Pallet of 15 Eyeshadows

Eyeshadow Palette

Eyeshadow Palette

2. A Concealer
The excellent quality of the concealer really make me surprised. My favorite part about it is that it matches with my complexion totally. 

The price is US$ 2.89, click the pictures to see more details if you want.




3. Black Lip Gloss

The color of this lip gloss is especially for my dark photo shoot. The reason why I want it is that because its color and style are awesome and eye-catching. The color is so full and I am satisfied.

The price is: US$2.65, click the pictures to see more details.

lip gloss

lip gloss

4.Red Lipstick

Very good lipstick since the color stays long enough at the mouth and looks very elegant. And the smell is so nice so I can’t wait to try. Really fresh!

The price is: US$ 3.10, click the pictures to see more details.lipstickred lipstick

I surely will choose Newchic again since the quality is really good, expect my next package~