How to Collocate With the Platform Shoes

Platform shoes is very popular around the world in recent years. The practical reason for its success is that though it look heavy and thick, it can replace the high heels sometimes. Because it can make us taller and our legs longer like high heels, at the same tired, it won’t make us tired or even painful like high heels. Many women love platform peep toe sandals. However, not all of them know how to wear it beautifully and fashionably. This article is going to two especially great collocations.  And you can find such cheap platform shoes with latest designs and high quality in Newchic!


  1. Sneaker styled platform shoes plus jeans.

We can say platform shoes is especially made for girls who want to stand taller without suffering high heels. So comfortable degree is the basic advantage of it. Then designers want to make this kind of shoes more fashionable, then sneaker styled platform shoes come to the world. You can say it is more like platform peep toe sandals. It can release your toes, make your feet totally breathable and sneakers alike design is really stylish.



  1. Platform shoes of starts pattern plus ninth pants or skirt.

Stars are sweet patterns, this platform shoes is a combination of stars and color black, which can increase the fashionable favor. It does not need complicated design, just simple and generous pattern and black can conquer the fashion group easily. Remember that it is suitable for tons of occasions.

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