The Most Beautiful Blush Styles Make Your Winter Vibrant

Worry your face makeup will look pale under low temperature in winter? It is because the full white unnatural base foundation is not enough to create a nice makeup in cold days. Let the natural blush palette  play its magic by making your winter vibrant with some lovely and nice colors. The best blush palette  will modify your face shape and achieve a better complexion. What you need are some warm blush colors to follow these 3 perfect blush styles! With a soft blush brush, you can be pretty within seconds.

The lovely orange blush palette: find the highest point of your cheek bone first,  and then use the best blush brush to brush your face upward. Use the brush that stained with the brush later to draw circles around the central position of the cheekbone. In this way, the blush color in your face will be strengthened. It is using the shades to create an effect of hierarchy.

blush palette

natural blush palette
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Super natural red blush palette: use the oblique angled blush brush in the large area around the position of the prominent cheekbones. The way is to draw circles evenly too. Use the brush stained with red blush to paint below your cheekbones slightly, which will make your facial features look smaller and more obviously.

red blush palette

blush brush



Bright pink blush palette: with the middle finger taking the blush balm, gently leave 2-3 points on your cheekbone. Later use the index finger to apply the blush evenly around the cheek. Clap the blush slightly to avoid the color of the blush being unnatural and uneven. And the blush will last longer surprisingly by this way.

pink blush palette

best blush palette
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colorful blush brush
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Use The Best Blush Palette 2017 to Show A Lovely Complexion

Nars blush palette, tarte blush palette, elf blush palette or Newchic blush palette? Which is the favorite of makeup lovers? Blush makeup is essential for a makeup look for women that build a nice complexion easily. It would be the last makeup step by picking a perfect color from the best blush palette 2017. Follow the effective tips about the multi-color blush makeup palette to match your face shape and skin. Enjoy a lovely complexion now!

blush makeup


Sweet girl makeup style: The sweetest and cutest feel comes from the natural blush palette that created for you meeting a handsome at the corner of street. White and pink build a lovely visual effect of our face by creating an attractive blush makeup looks.

Pink blush makeup fit for: oval face, square face, diamond face.

pink blush makeup


Mature grapefruit style: One of the blush makeup tips to say goodbye to shyness of girlhood. To get a professional blush palette, a little sexy taste is preferred sometimes. The grapefruit color combining the energy of orange and pink enlighten a natural and the feminine complexion.

Orange blush makeup palette fit for : oval face, round face, diamond face.

blush palette

Newchic blush makeup
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Mature women dark pink style: The alternation of seasons is like a symbol of the transition period from the girl to the women. Grown women should be eager to radiating a distinctive charm with the colorful blush makeup palette different from the before one. Choose an elegant deep and dark pink to highlight the complexion. After applying a fitting foundation, your face might even give out a transparent skin feel .

Fit for: any face shape.

dark pink blush makeup

Newchic blush palette
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Red bean paste style: Some people think that red bean paste blush makeup looks older. That’s because they did not take it right! This almighty color of natural blush makeup palette can be applied to all kinds of skin color. A great match for both the light and heavy makeup. People with shorter faces can brush the blush with an upward sloping, making the face look slimmer and more mature.

Red blush makeup palette fit for face: oval face, round face, square face

red blush makeup palette


Newchic blush makeup palette
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