How to Sort Out Your Makeup Bags?

There are brushes, eyeliner, shadow palette, lash clips, lipstick and so on in your cosmetic bags. Sometimes you will be so annoyed while spending a lot of time to find the things we need from the mess. Is there a simple but effective methodology to sort out our makeup bags organizer? How to save the unnecessarily wasted space? Now, Newchic is going to tell you four easy steps to clean your large cosmetic bag quickly. From now on, you can use Newchic best cosmetic bag to create the perfect makeup looks anytime and anywhere easily.

Newchic makeup case


Check up.

First, take every cosmetic out of your cosmetics drawer and makeup case, then check everything carefully. Throw the broken, leaky and dirty things in your travel cosmetic bags away. If possible, these products can also be loaded into the new containers. The liquid foundation can be poured into a new bottle. The broken lipstick can be scraped and put into the cosmetic split disc to create a professional lipstick box. The cover-missing lip liner and eye liner can be placed into the clean zipper plastic bags.

travel makeup bags
Nylon Cloth Double Zipper Cosmetic Bags Travel Toiletry Bag Storage Brush Organizer, US$9.99



The next step is to discard the makeup products that you bought more than 2 years ago but have never used. Your designer cosmetic bag might accommodate the most popular colors you see in magazines, but you don’t like it anymore when you buy it home; or the texture of cosmetics is not appropriate for your skin; even the cosmetic with ingredients that cause acne problem to you. Whatever the reason is, it is a right decision to discard them. For the cosmetics in the personalized makeup bags you have not used before or only used once or twice, it will be a sweet idea to send them to the people who might need them, like a theatrical group.

cosmetic case
5 Colors Portable Zipper Cosmetic Storage Bag Lattice Travel Case, Only US$4.45


After you clean up the mess in your cheap makeup bag, now it is time to check your basic cosmetics carefully. Start with the foundation. If you have five even six different foundation in your professional makeup case, but you will need only two in fact, smell each of them, if the smell or concentration got changed, you should throw them away too. Then take a mirror out and put a little bit of the foundation on your cheek, observe your face under sunlight, only the foundations that blend in with your complexion are worth keeping. The ideal foundation match your complexion perfectly.

Next, look at your lipsticks. Most women will have more than 1 lip glosses in their makeup bags. If you are one of them, you may find that you have some lipsticks seldom be applied. Think about which one you’re really going to use and only keep one or two. Take care of eye shadow palette and blush in the same way, stop keeping the cosmetics you won’t use in your cosmetic bags.

Newchic PU cosmetic case
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large makeup bags
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Once you put all the cosmetics out of the stylish cosmetic bag, you can do some simple product maintenance. Wipe your travel makeup case with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. Label the cosmetics you have bought for sometime, then you can figure out which is going to pass the expiration soon. Especially the mascara that can only be kept for about six months normally. Never expose the makeup products to the sunlight, or it will go dry and bad quickly.

Newchic large makeup travel bags
Travel Organizer Hanging Toiletry Cosmetics MakeUp Large Capacity Multifunction Storage Bag, US$14.88



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How to Apply Long Lasting Eye Pencil?

Ever since Jason Wu adopt the smudgy cat eyes in the New York Fashion Week, natural yet not exaggerated cat eye makeup style quickly conquer the fashion circle again. Cat eye is special, stylish and sexy. If you are looking for the simplest way to create a cat eye, this post should be your little enlightenment to do that with a long lasting eye pencil. To achieve the best cat eye visual effect, the combination of long lasting eye pencil and the best liquid eyeliner is a must.

The basic trick is to use small strokes to draw dashes along the lash line. By using the black liquid eyeliners and waterproof eye pencil, we’ve got foolproof instructions to help you get an stunning but natural cat eye look. You should never fear using liquid eyeliner pen in the wrong way anymore.

  1. Tools: Newchic best liquid eyeliner, long lasting eye penciland the eyeshadow palette with the colors you prefer.

long lasting eye pencil

Women Eyeliner Pen Waterproof Eye Liner Pencil Long Lasting, US$10.38


  1. Dotat the tip of your eye line with the best liquid eyeliner pen instead of drawing them as a line at the beginning. Just place them apart along the upper lash line. You can also draw the line so easily use the functional cat eyeliner model.

liquid eyeliner tutorial 2


Newchic best liquid eyeliner

Cat Eye Eyeliner Stencil Models Eyeshadow Template Shaper Tool, US$8.48


  1. 3.Connect the drawn dots. Use small, short strokes to connect the dots slowly now. Our goal is aiming to create an even line on both eyes. Use several small strokes between each mark with the best liquid eyeliner.

liquid eyeliner tutorial 3


  1. Make the eye linesmooth. If you find the line shows a break or imperfection, draw a thin line along the edge with the long lasting eye pencil.

liquid eyeliner tutorial 4


  1. Add your tail finally. No matter which kind of natural liquid eyeliner that you are using, a small tail should be created at the outer edge of your eyelid to create a cat eye flavor. The simplest way it to draw a small line extending upwards on your upper lash line, which can be achieved easily with the long lasting eye pencil.

liquid eyeliner tutorial 5


black liquid eyeliners

Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil Long Lasting Eye Brow Pen, US$5.75


best liquid eyeliner

3 In 1 Double Head Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil Long-lasting, US$10.17





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What Is the Best Vanity Mirror?


Speaking of beauties’ favorite makeup accessories, vanity mirror must be the first thing came up in our minds. The bathroom vanity mirrors are not only necessary to achieve the perfect makeup looks for us, but also a really lovely decoration that brings a fresh mood to us all the time. Considerate Newchic has discovered the latest collection of the most trending and practical cheap vanity mirrors for you, including the cool vanity mirror with lights.

White vanity mirror with lights enables us to always see every tiny detail clearly anywhere. When you get into the dark indoor or when it at night, you will find how convenient and practical the lighted vanity mirrors are since we need to make sure that we look perfect all the time, just the same reason as we take the cosmetics anywhere. In time refill is so important to maintain the makeup style we design elaborately, that is how the cheap vanity mirror with lights help us especially.

white vanity mirror with lights

20 LED Lights Rectangular Adjustable Vanity Makup Mirror, US$31.28


tri fold vanity mirror with lights

LuckyFine Tri-Fold LED Lighted Mirrors Makeup Vanity Wide View Portable, US$16.68



Remember the antique vintage vanity mirror we see in Titanic? You can have such a beautiful mirror like Rose. Antiqued mini cooper, decorative jewelry, fancy flower carving and perfect hand-holding feel. Imagine that you go for a vintage style makeup today, and take out a gold vintage vanity mirror out of your bag, how nice and coordinated that would be! You don’t have to say a word, others will regard you as the charming retro queen instantly.

antique vintage vanity mirror

Vintage Antiqued Mini Copper Makeup Vanity Mirror With Comb Set, US$17.33


gold vintage vanity mirror

Retro Imitation Bronze Portable Small Double Faced Folding Pocket Vanity Mirrors, US$12.46 



When women clean themselves up in the bathroom, they would prefer finishing the stuff in their face before going out to face the harsh world confidently. The unique bathroom vanity mirrors are the effective weapons to assure our worries. With a high quality clear framed bathroom vanity mirror, you can play the magic of the cosmetics and have nothing to hide. Newchic’s vanity mirrors do not have admirable appearance, trustworthy quality offering wonderful using experience, but also the most competitive prices you can find for such beautiful designs.

unique bathroom vanity mirrors

Magnifying Rotatable Double-Sided Desktop Cosmetic Vanity Mirror, US$10.02


bathroom vanity mirror

360 Degree Rotation Desktop Mirrors Double-sided Makeup Vanity Mirror, US$39.58






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How to Choose the Righ Colors of Matte Lipstick?

As an indispensable cosmetic, natual matte lipstick brings the best visual effect to our faces. Even though sometimes we don’t do the makeup, we will still apply our matte lipstick too. A red matte lipstick highlights a good complexion and attractive smile immeditaly, but only when you find the approprite one. How? Maybe you know that it should be based on your natural skin color. However, you may ignore the fact that different occasions, seasons and clothing colors need to be taken into consideration too.


a. When you are about to attend an important dinner or feasts, leaving others a frivolous impression is kind of your goal. Then a classic red matte lipstick is perfect to make you look mature, avoid glossy color.
b. Going for a job interview candidate, make sure you look serious and respectful. Pink matte lipstick series is natural and steady.
c. A fresh color is appropriate for outdoor activities and the orange matte lipstick looks vivid, lively, which create a makeup style full of vigor.
d. When it comes to a party night, choose a dazzling performance. Heavy color matte lipstick helps you to nail it.


a.Saffron yellow, rose or coral liquid matte lipstick is quite harmonious with natural scenes in Spring.
b.Light pink natural matte lipsticks are the best to show a sense of vitality in summer.
c. In Autumn, an orange matte lipstick show off your nice feminine soft skin.
d. Make-up should be clear and sharp in winter. So dark cool colored best matte lipstick shades create a 3D visual effect.


Clothing of different colors:
a. Black: facial make-up requires much thinking for black outfits. It is better to choose natural red matte lipstick, which brings a luxuriant and mature effect.
b. White: a clear matte lip gloss makes your looks more sedate in white clothing. A pink natural lipstick seems elegant, rich with some youthful flavor.
c. Red: red clothing should match with the same color liquid matte lipstick, or pink, or the look might seem uncoordinated.
d. Purple: go for a purple matte lipstick too, avoid the contradicted red lipstick for purple.


Recommended natural matte lipsticks by Newchic blog for 2018:


orange matte lipstick

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Missyoung Matte Liquid Lipstick Lip Gloss Waterproof Long Lasting, US$6.99


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The 4 Best Glitter Lip Glosses for 2018 Summer

Women should not only update their wardrobe in summer but also their makeup bags too. When the hot day comes, we should create some seasonal styles to stay perfect all the time. Annoying sweating must not melt our makeup looks. Among so many cosmetics that cling to summer, a clear glitter lip gloss is a must. Pink glitter lip gloss is made for the fresh summer naturally. Have a look at the amazing looks that achieved by the best glitter lip gloss.

Amazing looks achieved by the clear glitter lip gloss, take the pink glitter lip gloss as an especially nice example.

clear glitter lip gloss makeup looks


How to apply glitter lip gloss? Paint the natural lip balm before applying the best glitter lip gloss, then your lips can be moisturizing enough and the gloss look lasts longer. Apply the clear glitter lip gloss carefully and never draw pink glitter lip gloss outside the lip line. Paint the best glitter lip gloss from harder in the middle of your lips to lighter in both two ends. At last, shut your lips lightly.

pink glitter makeup look


Where to buy the amazing yet best clear glitter lip gloss? Newchic has updated the summer glitter lip gloss range for you. To embrace the hot season in a fresh way, grab one pink glitter lip gloss to be a sweet princess.

clear glitter lip gloss

Crystal Shining Glitter Lip Gloss Long Lasting Moisturizer 12 Colors, US$6.99



Pink glitter lip gloss

Glitter Lip Gloss Jelly Pink Lips Pigment  Gold Shimmer Long Lasting, US$10.16

best glitter lip gloss Newchic

Shimmer Matte Glitter Lip Gloss Moisturizer Liquid Lipstick Waterproof, US$8.64


best glitter lip gloss

Matte to Glitter Long lasting Magical Color Shiny Lip gloss Shimmer Lip Tint, US$8.99






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The Best Makeup Brush Set 2018, Rainbow Makeup Brushes and Colorful Makeup Brush Set

Trying to achieve your perfect makeup in a chic and interesting way? Start with the best makeup brush set with vivid colors. Luckily, Newchic offers various colorful makeup brush set and rainbow makeup brush set at cheap prices. The best makeup brush sets not only have the lovely appearance, but high quality using experience too. The beautiful hair seems to be inviting you to start your makeup in a merry mood everyday.

Imagine that you are holding a rainbow in your hand, you will embrace a good beginning for your makeup. Looking at the rainbow makeup brush set, you cheerfully paint outstanding makeups like an artist, who is about to create works of fantastic imagination with these fairy wands. The soft and fluffy hair of the best makeup brush set is kissing your cheek, which is similar to dotting pen’s touch from the paint plant. Get fascinated, that is the charms of the rainbow makeup brushes!

rainbow makeup brush set

7Pcs/Set Glitter Mermaid Liquid Handle Makeup Brushes Set Eyeshadow Powder Blush Brush



Among the rainbow makeup brushes, my favorite is the rounded brush since I can make powder soaked into my skin with it. It is the cutest gift that I had sent her, one friend of mine said. If you think buying the best brush makeup set just for one brush is silly, the brushes designed for different purposes can be used to create any look for you, so the rainbow makeup brush set would never fail you.

best makeup brush set

6Pcs Colorful Makeup Brushes Set Blush Brush Foundation Powder Blusher 3 Colors



Besides the rainbow colors, there are other colorful best makeup brush sets we can choose from Newchic. The gradual color changing hair, multi-color hand shank and mermaid colorful makeup brush set… Newchic is playing the best makeup brush sets with so many creative thoughts, which will never bore your makeup routine. Designers of Newchic always have a better understanding about everything that beautiful women expect. The colorful makeup brush set definitely brings you a colorful mood and nice looks for any occasion.

mermaid colorful makeup brush set

10 Pieces Mermaid Makeup Brushes Set Foundation Powder Blush Eyebrow Cosmetic Brush Kit


rainbow makeup brushes

Makeup Brushes Set Cosmetic Make Up Tool Eyeshadow Foundation Blending Brush, US$13.86





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5 Top Spring Eye Makeup Ideas of 2018

It is time to embrace the lovely and beautiful spring with a flower dress, stylish shoes, and a fantastic matching makeup! To enjoy the colorful fun of spring completely, we should not be limited by the conservative earth color eyeshadow. And we don’t need the smokey-eye makeup to create a rebellious cool look deliberately. With the best eyeshadow palette contained with various colors, you can complete your charms. The basic purpose of every eye makeup is to highlight our eyes nicely, but they could be creative with different visual effect.

To discover the potential of your makeup style, Newchic has prepared you the top list of the most appropriate spring eyeshadow ideas of 2018 Spring New York Fashion Week. From them, we could see how to fit our outfits in a trending way. You will be surprised when you try them with the matte eyeshadow palette.

  1. Chromat. Bronze shadow was brushed all over the lid up to the brow bone.



  1. Alexanda Wang. Supersaturaterose purple

Alexanda Wang


  1. Jason Wu. Natural light brown eye shadow to highlight thesmudgy cat eyes.

Jason Wu


  1. Block Collection. Soft matte-red smoky eye makes a bridal flowerlook, which is a perfect match to the spring weddings.

Block collection


  1. Tibi. A swipe of taupe eyeshadow brings a natural and elegant look.





Recommendations from Newchic:

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Matte eyeshadow palette

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