5 Things You Need to Know About Hair Extensions

Clip in hair extensions and tape in hair extensions are the most common hair extension types. Why we use them? They provide the expected length and colors for us, and are simple to apply too. As long as we get the instruction, we can DIY at home easily and quickly. But though some of us think we have a full idea about hair extensions, in fact, we do not! Before the hair extensions earn some score for your looks, have a glace at the following 5 thing you need to know about them.

Which type of hair extensions are the best? The best hair extension for ourselves should be the one fit our hair best. Since not everyone has the same hair texture, so we might need different hair extensions. Generally speaking, the remy clip in hair extensions are the best for the fine and thin hair and the remy tape in hair extensions are appropriate for the medium to thick hair. And the exact length is base on your preference and achieving better face shape visually.

Clip in hair extensions

Clips Synthetic Long Curly Clip In Hair Extensions Hairpiece For Women Wig Extension, US$16.46



How hair extensions are applied? When the best clip-in hair extensions you buy has the complete tools like that from Newchic. You can apply them easily by yourself at home, Newchic beauty posted the detailed but simple instruction before, click the link to see more: http://www.newchicbeauty.com/apply-clip-hair-extensions-easily.html

hair extensions

Women 24 Inch Dark Brown Curly Hair Wigs Middle Side Bangs Artificial Hair Wigs, US$33.99



When hair extensions get tangled? Actually it depends on your caring for them greatly. If you maintain the remy hair extensions according to the guide, it would last about half year. But if you aren’t brushing and conditioning your human hair extensions, your hair extensions would get tangled so quickly. So it is a remind that don’t waste your best tape-in hair extension by the improper routine.

tape in hair extensions

Gradient Color Long Straight Wigs High Temperature Fiber Hair For Cosplay Costume Party, US$43.62



How to wash hair extensions? It requires some skills to wash the hair extensions correctly without damaging them, just like when we wash the human hair wig carefully as the Newchic blog post here: http://www.newchicbeauty.com/wash-human-hair-wigs.html

remy clip in hair extensions

Brazilian Kinky Curly Virgin Human Hair Bundle, Low to US$41.91



Where to buy hair extensions? Thanks to so many cheap clip in human hair extensions, we don’t need to be genetically blessed with thick and shiny hair. But with so many options to choose from, we should improve our vision for a spot that offers high quality, luxurious, 100% real hair with super competitive prices. Newchic can meet your expectation with frequently updated series, which is leading the women’s hair extension style professionally.

best hair extension

Lolita Harajuku Gray Pink Full Wig Long Curly Wavy Hair Party Cosplay Wigs, US$26.18






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The Best Makeup Brush Set 2018, Rainbow Makeup Brushes and Colorful Makeup Brush Set

Trying to achieve your perfect makeup in a chic and interesting way? Start with the best makeup brush set with vivid colors. Luckily, Newchic offers various colorful makeup brush set and rainbow makeup brush set at cheap prices. The best makeup brush sets not only have the lovely appearance, but high quality using experience too. The beautiful hair seems to be inviting you to start your makeup in a merry mood everyday.

Imagine that you are holding a rainbow in your hand, you will embrace a good beginning for your makeup. Looking at the rainbow makeup brush set, you cheerfully paint outstanding makeups like an artist, who is about to create works of fantastic imagination with these fairy wands. The soft and fluffy hair of the best makeup brush set is kissing your cheek, which is similar to dotting pen’s touch from the paint plant. Get fascinated, that is the charms of the rainbow makeup brushes!

rainbow makeup brush set

7Pcs/Set Glitter Mermaid Liquid Handle Makeup Brushes Set Eyeshadow Powder Blush Brush



Among the rainbow makeup brushes, my favorite is the rounded brush since I can make powder soaked into my skin with it. It is the cutest gift that I had sent her, one friend of mine said. If you think buying the best brush makeup set just for one brush is silly, the brushes designed for different purposes can be used to create any look for you, so the rainbow makeup brush set would never fail you.

best makeup brush set

6Pcs Colorful Makeup Brushes Set Blush Brush Foundation Powder Blusher 3 Colors



Besides the rainbow colors, there are other colorful best makeup brush sets we can choose from Newchic. The gradual color changing hair, multi-color hand shank and mermaid colorful makeup brush set… Newchic is playing the best makeup brush sets with so many creative thoughts, which will never bore your makeup routine. Designers of Newchic always have a better understanding about everything that beautiful women expect. The colorful makeup brush set definitely brings you a colorful mood and nice looks for any occasion.

mermaid colorful makeup brush set

10 Pieces Mermaid Makeup Brushes Set Foundation Powder Blush Eyebrow Cosmetic Brush Kit


rainbow makeup brushes

Makeup Brushes Set Cosmetic Make Up Tool Eyeshadow Foundation Blending Brush, US$13.86





Author: Newchic     Source: http://www.newchicbeauty.com/best-makeup-brush-set-2018-rainbow-makup-brushes-colorful-makeup-brush-set.html

5 Best Designer Tote Bags for Work in 2018!

While rushing up to the office in every morning, you need a large designer tote bag to hold your everything conveniently, in a fashionable and high quality way. The best designer tote bag is almost for every occasion from work to school. And they are perfect when be checked by every detail, which features playful patterns and being versatile. Your tote bag style would never be boring anymore.

Getting the enlightenment from the latest color trends of the iconic fashion shows since spring, Newchic has finished the list of its 5 best designer tote bags for work in 2018, which is base on the combination of stylish appearance, almighty usage, nice quality and competitive prices. They are presenting the best philosophy that keeps motivating Newchic: make the latest fashion trends affordable by every lady.

Vintage flower style is lovely and fashionable fit for spring and summer. In the all new 2018, how could the Newchic add it to the cheap designer tote bag. A lot of displays in the New York Fashion Week have indicated that the flower element is going to make a great hit in the 2018 spring and summer! Such a leather designer tote bag is a must to show off your most up-to date flavor. Since black and brown are the two dominant colors in the women’s tote handbags, Newchic integrates the exquisite flower with the designer tote bags to achieve more versatile looks.


large designer tote bag

Brenice Women National Style Flower Decoration Handbag PU Leather Sling Bag, US$44.34



best designer tote bag

Brenice New Retro Genuine Leather Bucket Handbag Hand Embossed Craft Flower Crossbody bag, US$52.96



Desinger canvas tote bags are casual, fashionable with a little street style flavor, and the tough fabric enables us to carry as much as thing we need for the school or work. But the personalized canvas tote bags don’t need to be limited in the solid colors, they can have some elegant patterns, irregular wearing design and different colors with stripes. Newchic cute canvas tote bags can add much creative fun to your looks in the busy routine, never miss it!


canvas tote bags

Women Leisure Canvas Stripe Handbag Shopping Tote Bag Big Bag, US$20.99



cheap canvas tote bags

National Style Flower Pattern Handbag Canvas Tote Shoulder Bags, US$20.90



designer canvas tote bags

Women Canvas Irregularity Tote Bag Handbag Casual Shoulder Bag, US$24.73







Author: Newchic     Source: https://blog.newchic.com/5-best-designer-tote-bags-work-2018.html





The Best Men’s Shoes New Arrival Sale, Extra Newchic Coupon and Gift Card!

Hey man, spring 2018 is here, never forget your shoe cabinet after enriching your wardrobe with some new arrivals. Newchic has updated the best men’s shoes series here! By integrating the fashion and innovation, Newchic sees that men’s shoes new arrival has not only changed greatly on the requirement of high quality material, but also the stylish appearance. In this collection, you don’t need to drain your bank account at all to achieve the great satisfaction! Besides the super favorable prices with huge discount up to 70% off, customers can get the extra coupon code! ( also gift card giveaway in the end of this post.) Save big bucks in: http://bit.ly/2D2ukS8

mens shoes new arrival discount Newchic


New season requires the accompany of most trending men’s casual shoes. In spring, men need a temperature fitting trend especially. Through the new arrivals, Newchic gives you a little enlightenment of the spring inspiration. The newly launched fashion men’s casual shoes designs are full of vigor. The hottest street style or the exquisite vintage styled, coupling with the vibrant patchwork or printing elements to embrace a youthful spring!

best men's shoes

Men Hand Stitching Zipper Slip-ons Leather Casual Shoes, US$42.61

men's casual shoes

Men Microfiber Leather Lace Up Casual Trainers, US$39.95

Classic can not be replaced easily, especially for some relatively formal business situations. That’s why you need one or two pairs of high quality men’s dress shoes in the your shoe cabinet. Black and brown are always the immortal colors of designer dress shoes for men. They are versatile to pair with the outfits that create the refined visual effect for you.

men's shoes

Large Size Men British Style Microfiber Leather Pointed Toe Rivet Formal Shoes, US$34.63

men’s dress shoes

Men Splicing Pointed Toe Breathable Business Formal Dress Shoes, US$28.72

Spring is a season for making up your mind to start everything over again, and the right timing to bring doing sport into the schedule again. So you should grab a pair of cool men’s sneakers to be more motivated with a nice mood by showing off! Actually, comfortable sneakers for men can be as fancy, colorful and creative as you want. Living in a healthy style will be much joyful in this way. Not to mention such stylish sneakers from Newchic offers the most soft and breathable wearing experience. Being cool and comfortable at the same time, what else could you ask?

cool men's sneakers


Men Knitted Fabric Wear-resistant Lace Up Sport Running Sneakers, US$30.34

men's sneakers

Men Fabric Breathable Light Weigh Lace Up Sneakers, US$32.62


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Light Up Your 2018 Fashion with the Cool 3D T Shirts

T shirts are the most common wear in daily life. While we are enjoying the casual and comfortable that they bring, going for some ways to differentiate our styles from others will surely add much fun. We can choose some really special cool t shirts, like 3d t shirts with some creative and interesting printing, such as animals, graffiti, cartoons and flowers. You can always find your favorite style among them and light up your 2018! See more products in: http://bit.ly/2HTakF6

3d t shirts


The lifelike printings of the 3d animal t shirts bring a lot of fun to your outfits. It seems that the dog, cat, dolphin and tiger are going to jump out from these 3d t shirts. Don’t need to be scared, haha, they are actually cute and highlight your unique style in a fun way.

cool t shirts    3d animal t shirts


Want to take your cool style to the next grade? Lightning and graffiti cool t shirts are definitively super eye-catching in the street! You don’t have to say it out loud, others can see your special at the first sight! And if you want to be a bold fashion leader, such coolest t shirts are going to be your best accompanies!

graffiti cool t shrits    coolest t shirts

For spring and summer, custom 3d t shirts with flower and tree printings are great fits to the vigorous scene. You can go for them stylishly to be cool and refined at the same time. These vintage cool t shirts would match perfectly with the Hawaiian shorts, which will create a super casual and lithe visual effect!

vintage cool t shirts    cool printing t shirts





Author: Newchic     Source: https://blog.newchic.com/3d-t-shirts-light-2018.html




5 Top Spring Eye Makeup Ideas of 2018

It is time to embrace the lovely and beautiful spring with a flower dress, stylish shoes, and a fantastic matching makeup! To enjoy the colorful fun of spring completely, we should not be limited by the conservative earth color eyeshadow. And we don’t need the smokey-eye makeup to create a rebellious cool look deliberately. With the best eyeshadow palette contained with various colors, you can complete your charms. The basic purpose of every eye makeup is to highlight our eyes nicely, but they could be creative with different visual effect.

To discover the potential of your makeup style, Newchic has prepared you the top list of the most appropriate spring eyeshadow ideas of 2018 Spring New York Fashion Week. From them, we could see how to fit our outfits in a trending way. You will be surprised when you try them with the matte eyeshadow palette.

  1. Chromat. Bronze shadow was brushed all over the lid up to the brow bone.



  1. Alexanda Wang. Supersaturaterose purple

Alexanda Wang


  1. Jason Wu. Natural light brown eye shadow to highlight thesmudgy cat eyes.

Jason Wu


  1. Block Collection. Soft matte-red smoky eye makes a bridal flowerlook, which is a perfect match to the spring weddings.

Block collection


  1. Tibi. A swipe of taupe eyeshadow brings a natural and elegant look.





Recommendations from Newchic:

best eyeshadow palette

FOCALLURE Matte Eye Shadow Palette, Glitter Eyeshadow Palette, US$24.81



Newchic eyeshadow palette

Metallic Eye Shadow Palette Shimmer Matte Eyeshadow Makeup Long Lasting Natural, US$15.74


Matte eyeshadow palette

POPFEEL 6 Colors Shimmer Glitter Eyeshadow Palette Longlasting Waterproof, US$9.94






Author: Newchic     Source: http://www.newchicbeauty.com/5-best-spring-eye-makeup-ideas-2018.html


How to Remove Blackheads from Nose Instantly?

We all want to have a face with clean clear skin, but blackheads appear time to time. How can we get rid of them? Most people would rather go for the natural blackhead removal mask to get rid of the disgusting and annoying dirty things on the nose. It is an easy and effective way that actually works, but only on the basis being done regularly and properly. This tutorial shows you how to remove blackheads from the nose in several simple and right steps with the best blackhead remover, without causing any minus effect, like enlarging your pores or skin allergy.

natural blackhead removal mask

1.Wash your face with facial cleanser and warm water to open your pore.

2.Using the educe liquid of the charcoal blackhead removal mask on your nose.

3.Extend an appropriate amount of the best blackhead remover on your nose. And let it stay for 15~20 minutes before peeling it from the bottom to the top.

best blackhead remover

Black Mask Removal Peel Off Face Deep Cleaning Blackhead Remover Treatment, US$13.36

4.Wash your face with the clean water, which should be cool or room temperature.

5.Using pore shrinking liquid or facial mask when your face is totally clean.

Note: The using amount and area is depending on your need, normally a thin layer of the blackhead removal mask is enough and easy to be peeled off. Though the best blackhead remover can remove the blackheads from our noses quickly, you should not use it more than twice a week.

blackhead removal mask

LAMYMES Blackhead Removal Mask Bamboo Charcoal Peel Off Black Masks, US$14.11





Author: Newchic     Source: http://www.newchicbeauty.com/remove-blackheads-nose-instantly.html