How to Remove Scratches from Sunglasses

As one of the favorite accessories for fashionistas, sunglasses are like the magic things to make us look better in most outfits. But what if leave scratches on it accidentally, no matter how careful we were while wearing them daily. The miraculous kaleidoscope glasses, stylish heart shaped sunglasses and cute cat eye sunglasses, there is no way that we can endure the imperfect scratches on them! As long as you get hold of following tips, it is super easy to remove the scratches at home.

  1. Soup-suds are able to get rid of the scratches from the best kaleidoscope glasses.

It is a smart way to wash the sunglasses lenses with the soup-suds time to time. They can not only clean the gap between lenses and spectacle frame for us, but also are helpful to erase the scratches of the fashionable sunglasses, including your interesting cheap kaleidoscope glasses of course.

stylish kaleidoscope glasses


  1. Use the toothpaste to remove the scratches from designer heart shaped sunglasses.

Toothpaste is effective to remove the dirty from our teeth, and it is also helpful to improve the scratch problem of the lenses. A regular paste can work. Just rub the paste into the scratch in the red heart shaped sunglasses or any other sunglasses by a circular motion for about 10 seconds then rinse the toothpaste off with cool water.

heart shaped sunglasses

  1. Sunscreen to remove the scratches from vintage cat eye sunglasses.

It is a surprising function of the sunscreen. It is applicable for lenses with mirror coating. When the scratch only affects the mirrored layer of the lens, using the sunscreen to rub the scratches is nice. But it the scratches have gone deepen in the basic lenses of your mirrored cat eye sunglasses, it might be not enough.

cute cat eye sunglasses

  1. Car wax to remove the scratches from fashionable kaleidoscope glasses.

It is a common sense that wax can get rid of the scratches in the car, and it also work for the scratches in the lenses of your cool kaleidoscope glasses. Apply with a soft cloth and circular motions, just like the way you wax your bike or vehicle. Then wipe away any excess with another cloth.

kaleidoscope glasses
Women Retro Round Lens Kaleidoscope Glasses Colorful Concert Show Glasses, US$11.89
  1. Baking soda to remove the scratches from pink heart shaped sunglasses.

It is another easy thing you can use to remove the scratches from white heart shaped sunglasses at home. The mixing proportion of water and soda should be 1:2. Rub the baking soda paste into the scratch for 10 seconds and then rinse it off with cool water.

stylish heart shaped sunglasses
Woman Retro Heart-shaped UV400 Sunglasses Casual Shopping Party Goggles Eyewear, US$6.89
  1. Silver polish to remove scratches from designer cat eye sunglasses.

Dab a bit of silver polish on the lenses with a cotton ball and gently rub it around the scratches in the cheap cat eye sunglasses. Just repeat the process until the scratch has disappeared, which is said to be one of the most effective ways.

cat eye sunglasses
Women Cat Eye Metal Frame Colorful Fashion Sunglasses Eyewear Oculos De Sol, US$9.99
  1. Furniture spray to remove scratches from blackcat eye sunglasses.

Spray your lenses of the sunglasses lightly with the spray. Again, rub the furniture spray around in a circular motion until the scratch disappear. The wax in furniture spray can fill in the scratches, but it may only last a few days.

best cat eye sunglasses
Women UV400 Retro Cat Eye Sunglasses Flat Lens Metal Frame Oversized Mirror Eyewear, US$8.29


When Should Girls Buy the First Bra?

My first teen bra was bought by my mother when I was 12. At that time, I have no idea how meaningful it is to buy the first bra for daughter . Now I know, girls first bra means is special and means a lot. Girls are like the buds turning into flowers when they put on the first bra.  As a mother, you should have a clear idea about how to buy your daughter her first bra. Follow some useful tips.

my first bra

Cotton Seamless Ventilated Soft Full Coverage Solid Color Girls Bra, US$15.80

You might ask, at what age should girls start wearing a bra exactly? Breasts of women usually start growing from 8-year-old to 13-year-old. When the breast of your girls start to protrude, it comes her first bra age. Every girl starts developing at different ages, and your daughter might develop at a different pace from other girls. Just let her first bra thing come naturally.

first bra

SHAKEER Comfortable Cotton Soft Wireless Stretchy Cartoon Printing Training Bra, US$8.04

girls first bra

SHAKEER Dot Pure Cotton Front Zip Closure Wireless Movable Pad Sport Bras, US$9.57

How to choose the first bra for girls? What is a perfect teen bra for your daughter? Firstly, it is right to choose a bra with a soft cup if you’ve developed further. The first bra for 10 years old don’t need to push up or otherwise it might change the shape of the breasts and be uncomfortable. Underwire bras are also not wise choices for a teen bra since they provide support for girls with large breasts only. Your daughter just starts to develop, unnecessary. It is nice to choose a training bra for your daughter’s very first bra, which a comfortable and looks like crop tops, and she will also feels less embarrassed because the training bra age 10 is not obvious.

teen bra from Newchic

Cotton Comfortable Solid Color Breathable Sports Vest Girls Bra, US$7.68

teen bra

SHAKEER Comfortable Soft Cotton Polka Dot Wireless Training Bra, US$4.63

Make Your Lip Makeup Like This Way, You Will Become Single on Valentine’s Day!

For the date on Valentine, what’s else worth your attention besides the fancy dress.  A perfect makeup! And it is not achieved without a sexy matte lipstick. Maybe you think you have the best lipstick on earth,  but if you apply it in following mistaken ways, not threatening, you are probably to become single on this Valentine!

  1. Draw the matte lipstick out of your lip bound.

Not a rare accident for girls, but when your natural matte lipstick is spread out of the border or stick to your teeth, it is not natural at all and your will stop kissing thought!

Apply Your Lip Makeup in This Way, You Will Become Single on Valentine's Day


Newchic matte lipstick

MISS ROSE Sexy Red Matte Velvet Lipstick Cosmetic Waterproof Mineral Makeup Lips, US$8.59


  1. Go for the inappropriate glitter lipstickcolor.

The typical example of the wrong lipstick color is shown below. The difference and importance of choosing a right colors are obvious.

Apply Your Lip Makeup in This Way, You Will Become Single on Valentine's Day 2


glitter lipstick

Crystal Shining Glitter Lip Gloss Long Lasting Moisturizer 12 Colors, US$3.99



  1. Want to achieve the classic red matte lipswithout drawing the lip line.

Many woman worship the lovely affluent red lips, but they might ignore the necessary step of drawing the lip line. Remember, it is a must-have step to create a vintage lip makeup.

Apply Your Lip Makeup in This Way, You Will Become Single on Valentine's Day 3


Newchic glitter lipstick

HANDAIYAN Shimmer Matte Glitter Lip Gloss Moisturizer Liquid Lipstick Waterproof, US$6.99


  1. Apply the moisturizing glitter lipsticksdirectly.

If you paint the lipstick to your lips directly, it is easy to make the lips sticky and makeup off.

Apply Your Lip Makeup in This Way, You Will Become Single on Valentine's Day 4


matte lipstick

MISS RÔSE Matte Rose Lipstick Nude Deep Red Lip Sticks Waterproof 7 Colors, US$8.99

Accentuate Your Curves With Sexy Corsets on Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is here soon, you need the most popular corset to push your up sexy style.  Does a great job in selling plus size corsets costumes and plus size bustier bodysuit, Newchic keeps lauching the latest designs. Romantic day needs something special. Sexy and vintage sexy corset tops and cute bustier tops are such great entertainment  for yourself and your boyfriend on the 2018 Valentine’s day. Go to accentuate your curves with the best recommendations from Newchic.

black corset tops
Sexy Jacquard Back Zipper Steel Bone Corsets Waist Shaper Bustiers For Women, US$30.67
  1. Sexy black corset tops. Super sexy color – black, which can highlight your complexion and makeup perfectly. If the black fashion corset tops plus some sexier elements like lace, metal chain, see through yarn, the best idea and the favorite of your Valentine’s Day ever! Newchic pays much attention to the details including the sleeve and waist line of the black corset tops with sleeves, which is aim to accentuate the curves of women in a not monotonic
sexy corset tops
Women Sexy Satin PU Leather Bustiers Waist Slimming Steampunk Girdles Corselet, US$22.48
  1. Seductivered bustier tops. When the bright or dark red bustier tops meets with a classic red lip, high class sexy look is created. Pushing up your breast and lifting your hip, a red lace bustier dress can do both! And red even highlight your complexion better. Add more fun by adopting something unique in the hems, such as black lace and bow tie.
red corset tops
Sexy Off Shoulder Satin Overbust Corsets Push Up Underwire Bustiers For Women, US$29.24
red bustier tops
Women Sexy Halter Lace Up Bustier Waist Training Side Zip Corset Overbust Corsets, US$25.02
  1. Vintage white plus size corsets. White is pure, cute, vintage and sexy.Embroideredprinting is making the white plus size bustier of Newchic more high-end and vintage. On the Valentine’s Day, stay elegant too. Plus the transparent floral lace, he will find your charms unstoppable! The cutting of the plus size steel boned corsets from Newchic shows perfect body shape.
Newchic corset tops
Women Sexy Transparent Floral Lace Corset Temptation Removable Garter Bustiers Lingerie, US$10.34
plus size corset tops
Plus Size Sexy Frill Shirred Embroidered Corset Side Zip Satin Overbust Corselet For Women, US$21.05



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3 Things You Should Know About Crotchless Panties

Crotchless panties are panties with no crotch, the sexiest panties for women with genitals being exposed. You can look much sexier by wearing the best crotchless panties instead of the conservative and monotonous types. It is the most natural thing that men pay more attention to women who are in sexy crotchless panties , so deciding which panties to wear is definitely not only to entertain yourself. When crotchless design is added into see through panties, plus size panties, and high waisted panties, it is like a super weapon to increase your charms immediately.

Newchic crotchless panties
Sexy See Through Lace Open Crotch Low Rise Thongs For Women, Only US$3.47

Why crotchless panties is a good option? The first reason to convince you is that the design will make your body shape look much better. If you wear the high waisted crotchless panties, it will lift your sexy butt. Since both women and men prefer seeing a hot ass,  a nice crotchless pantie helps you achieve it easily, why not go for it?

sexy crotchless panties
Women Sexy Hollow Out Mesh Briefs See Through Temptation Panties, US$7.05

The second reason is that the seductive crotchless panties make you look sexier and more seductive. Your panties are not the sexiest until they are crotchless! The crotchless design is just so alluring that men can’t resist you at all. No to mention when this design is combined with the sexy see through fabric!

crotchless panties
Sexy Open Crotch Hollow Out  Rise Thongs For Women, US$5.83
see through crotchless panties
Lace Embroidery Low Waist Breathable Pearl Massage Thong For Women, US$6.30

What? The crotchless sexy panties are not appropriate to a big girl? Surely you have not found the fitting plus size panties yet! Bootylicious plump women are always more voluptuous as long as them go for the best plus size panties. Plus size crotchless panties could be high-quality with the stretchy fabric, which make big girls release their charms more comfortably.

see through panties
Women Sexy Lace Floral Hollow Out Low Waist Temptation Panties, US$4.50
sexy see through panties
Lacing Adjustable High Waisted Tummy Shaping Briefs, US$6.55



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Sexy, Sexier, and Sexiest Lingerie Types!

As we can see, designers of victoria’s secret sexy lingerie are so creative to bring new thoughts for the market. Sex, sexier and sexiest! Lingerie is no long a quite private talk any more. Sexy lingerie for women aim to produce unique and personalized wearing experience. Whether it is herself or the sexual partner she is going to entertain, wearing a stylish and hot lingerie is a totally worthy shot! With so many sexy lingerie types in the market, we are suggesting the silk babydoll lingerie and sexy nurse costume that make you sexiest in his eyes.

babydoll lingerie for adults
Sexy Nurse Costume Cosplay Leather Halter Back Bow Tie Lacy Thong Temptation Babydoll For Women, Only US$9.56!

‘Hi patient, how are you?’ You are his nurse tonight. You are professional, and naughty! Let him go ahead with any dirty words, you can cure him anytime when you wear the plus size sexy nurse costume! Give him an injection? Feed him the pills? Play the nurse and patient game and even the seductive nurse and dirty doctor game? You can do whatever you want since you are in the vintage sexy nurse costume now. See? Such a great fun you two can add to the private moment. How could you say no to a this type of sexiest lingerie?

sexy nurse costume
Sexy Nurse Cosplay Costumes Comfy Hollow Out Intimate Lingerie, Only US$8.24!

Babydoll lingerie for adults is not the invention of Newchic. But Newchic can play it so sexily and boldly. Crotchless, see-through lace, deep V, open cup, all kinds of festive plus size babydoll lingerie… You might have no idea idea how far seductive sexy lingerie can go before you see these masterpieces. The fun is not belong to you, but your man too. Show you love for him, and prepare a hot revelry with these sexiest babydoll lingerie at the birthday, anniversary, Halloween…

sexiest lingerie Newchic
Sexy Open Cup Hollow Lingerie Lace Babydoll Mini Bodysuit, US$10.89
Newchic sexy lingerie
Sexy Halter Lace Hollow Out Open Crotch See Through Backless Stomachers Bow Lingerie Nightwear, US$11.55
Newchic babydoll lingerie
Women Lingerie Red Christmas Babydolls Lace Chemises, US$12.99

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Achieve Perfect Eye Makeup with These 3 Easiest Tools

Eye makeup is the most essential and difficult part of the whole makeup looks. Women will spend much time in designing and drawing different eye styles, which requires various makeup tools. But the most basic steps require quite regular ones so we want to make them simpler and simpler. In 2018, make it easiest to create perfect makeup looks with the simplest tools from Newchic: versatile cat eye liner stencil, convenient eyebrow stamp, and natural fake eyelashes.

Drawing nice eye liners is difficult and takes much time? Here comes a bonus for you. Different angles of the easy cat eye liner create different eye lines for you. Light one, thick one, it can outline both for you. Each part of it is just like a treasure! Newchic cat eye liner can also act as a useful tool to paint the eye shadow. Any way, you don’t need to worry about how to draw the perfect eye liners in 2018 any more.

cat eye liner stencil

cat eye liner
Cat Eye Eyeliner Stencil Makeup Eyes Liner Stencil Models Eyeshadow Template Shaper Tool, US$4.99


Best eyebrow stamp is easy to use, long-lasting, natural and water-proof. It is suitable for makeup starters and seniors. Choose it according to the color of your frequently-used eyebrow pencil. There is a box of eyebrow powder and two eyebrow stamp models in the Newchic eyebrow stamp kit. Just press the stamp upon the eyebrow powder and then stamp it on your eyebrow. Namely one second!

eyebrow stamp

Newchic eyebrow stamp
Makeup Eyebrow Gel Brow Stamp Grey Brown Powder Seal Waterproof Cosmetic Tools, $7.99


With the great invention of fake eyelashes for beginners, women who were not born with long eyelahses can own beautiful and luscious eyelashes too. Being natural is more and more of a requirement for the best fake eyelashes. Drugstore fake eyelashes are not easy to stick sometimes, remember to use the professional glue and follow the instruction by Newchic in:

Newchic fake eyelashes

natural fake eyelashes
O.TWO.O Magnetic Eye Lashes Reusable Thicker 3D Magnet Longer False Lash Makeup, US$9.39



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Enjoy the Top Vintage Style With Gracila Vintage Maxi Dresses In 2018!

Advocating “Grace is the best thing of women, so they should stay grace all the time” , Gracila is an expert in making vintage maxi dresses. Gracila is a brand that always emphasizes the combination of fashion, grace and comfortability. Gracila has won the support from women around the world with the high quality but cheap maxi dresses. Its mission is to discover the latest fashion trends for customers, Gracila dress spares no effort increasing new look designs in every season. In Newchic,  customers can find all ranges  of new look maxi dresses.

  1. Vintage solid color long sleeve maxi dresses. Vintage is fashionable, vintage is elegant. Gracila vintage dresseswant women enjoy the vintage style more casually by choosing the high quality fabric. The long vintage maxi dresses of solid color are so so versatile, you can wear them with a pair of boots for spring and winter, a pair of sandals in summer. When the day is getting colder, wearing a piece of coat in the outside creates an eye-catching look too.
gracila vintage dress
Vintage Lace Up Long Sleeve Pocket Maxi Dress Coats, Only US$29.99


gracila dress
Gracila Vintage Frog Long Sleeve Hooded Maxi Dresses, Only US$23.69


  1. Layered summer maxi dresses.Layered design brings such a great visual effect. The Gracila layered maxi dresses make you look taller and thinner with an elongating function. The layered cutting will give out a not monotonous feel. The same color or different colors in the layered plus size maxi dresses look so harmonious since Gracila has spend great consideration in designing them.
layered long maxi dress
Gracila Vintage Women Long Sleeve V-Neck Irregular Maxi Dresses, US$24.55


layered maxi dress
Gracila Layered Split Solid Half Sleeve Vintage Elegant Women Dresses, Only US$16.89!



  1. Floral printing maxi skirts. Floral printing is the representative image of grace. Want to be a graceful queen? You can not miss the Gracila floral printing maxi skirts. They are so lithe to show your feminine taste. You can pair with almost anything as tops, whether it is a shirt or a blouse, the long maxi skirts are going to achieve better looks for you.
Newchic maxi skirt
Gracila Bohemian Chiffon Floral Print Elastic Waist Maxi Skirt For Women, US$22.48
Gracila long maxi skirt
Gracila Women Casual Loose Cotton Pure Color Skirt, Only US$18.99


  1. Stylish bohemian maxi dress. Classic bohemian style is retro and beautiful, that is why women like it so much. Gracila bohemian maxi dressbrings some new looks for you by launching the individual printings and colors. These are the latest trending designer boho maxi dress. Howe could boohoo fans not like them?
gracila bohemian maxi dress
Gracila Women Bohemian Printed Long Sleeve Maxi Dresses, US$23.99


bohemian maxi dress
Gracila Loose Print Folk Plate Buckle Long Sleeve Women Dresses, US$22.70


  1. Patchwork maxi dresses. Patchwork can be as creative and interesting as you want. To add more fun to your long maxi dresswardrobe, Gracila provides various newly launched patchwork cuttings. In order to be creative and dominant in the cheap vintage maxi dressmarket, Newchic vintage dress combines the vintage and patchwork, such a nice combination of classic and modern.
vintage maxi dresses
Gracila Bohemian Patchwork Long Sleeve High Waist Mid-Long Dresses, US$29.89


patchwork maxi dress
Gracila Bohemian Women Printed Two Layers Long Sleeve Maxi Dresses, US$32.99





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Tutorial of Using Nail Art Tools

Nail art is so fancy that women just can help loving it! But a trip to the nail salon is not cheap. Is it cost-worthy? These beautiful nail arts will just stay for a few weeks. Why not DIY at home? With Newchic’s simple and cheap nail art tools, it will just take a couple of minutes to achieve brilliant nail art for you. Don’t need to worry that handling the nail art tool kit is difficult. Look at following instructions of simple nail art supplies, you can create masterpieces by your own.

Newchic nail art tools

Nail brushes tools:

Angled French Brush. For French manicures or simple color blocking, angled brush creates crisp edges of a design.

Striping Brush. A striping brush is a must for crisp, sharp even lines.

Detail Brush. Small, intricate designs and outlining require detail brushes.

Fan Brush. Paint your nails in a base color. Lightly sweep it over your nails to get a wispy feathered effect.

Nail art sponges. They make color-blending and creating ombre-like effects a cinch.


How to use the nail art dotting tool?

Draw symmetrical circles, such as eyes, polka dots and flowers by using a dual-end dotting tool.

tools for nail artHow to use stripers and nail art pens

The striper makes it more easier than using a traditional striping brush and a bottle of polish. When you want to feel more like drawing a painting with the tools for nail art, go for a pen. Make sure to use the Newchic nail arts pens on polish only when they are complete dry.


cuticle pusher and remover

How to use cuticle pushers and removers

Use the wide side- pusher to push cuticles up off the nail plate before doing nail art. This lets you get polish on the whole nail. The pointy side-remover is used to scrape away the remaining of cuticle off.


Newchic nail art tools kit

How to use the nail art tool – file and buffer

The most important step to make your manicure look professionally done is to make sure all your nails are cut and filed to the same shape evenly before applying polish. Start to even your nails with the rougher and bigger end of your file, and then use the smoother buffer to make your nails look perfect. Both two steps should be improving your nails in one direction but not back and forth. The Newchic nail art tool kit is especially handy.


nail art tools kit

How to use orange-wood stick

This nail tool is made for any purpose. You can use the angled side as a cuticle pusher. You can also achieve a 3-D nail art easier by dipping the pointed tip of the stick in top coat and using it to pick up rhinestone. Or you might use it to pull polish off in the skin on either side of your nail.



Knowing the nail tools and how to use them, you will find it so easier to DIY the nice nail arts at home now.

cheap nail art tools kit
Acrylic Powder Glitter Nail Art Tools Kit Nails Brush False Finger Pump Set, US$25.39


best nail art tools kit
Professional 42 Colors Acrylic Powder Brush UV Lamp Glitter Clipper File Nail Art Set





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Tutorial of Removing Gel Nail Polish Easily at Home

Women need to dress up and do the nice makeup to embrace the new year, cute gel nail polish is such a beautiful thing that make us look better in any outfit. Glamorous best gel nail polish is a worthwhile treat for ourselves. However, when we want to try a new style in the New Year, removing the original color changing gel nail polish is a necessary step. A trip to the nail salon is not a must, and Newchic beauty is giving a tutorial of removing the gel nail polish easily at home, with the cheap nail art tools.

A big mistake is made if you peel and scrap off the gel nail polish colors. It is extremely harmful to your nails. Take your nails as important as the tiles on a roof. Stop aggressively pulling the polish off, or you are not only removing the gel nail designs, but also the top layers the delicate cells of the nails, which is not only ugly, but also unhealthy. You’ll need acetone, cotton balls, foil, a wood nail stick, nail file… Recommend the best nail art kit from Newchic.

How to Remove Gel Nail Polish Easily And Quickly At Home 1

  1. Before removing the gel polish, cut your nails to the desired length. Then use a nail file to scuff the surface of each nail.It is one of the most useful cheap nail art tools.
cheap nail tools
Nail Art Set Acrylic Liquid Powder Buffer File Brush Dryer Manicure Tools, US$15.52


How to Remove Gel Nail Polish Easily And Quickly At Home 2

  1. With the cheap nail tools kitprepared, pour the acetone into a small bowl. Soak a cotton ball in the acetone.Wrap the soaked cotton gently over each individual nail so that the entire surface area of the nail is covered in the acetone.

How to Remove Gel Nail Polish Easily And Quickly At Home 3

  1. Wrap that nail with a strip of segmented square of foil, so that the cotton ball stays on the nail. This will add a little pressure and lock in heat to help the acetone work its magic to soft the UVnail gel polish.

How to Remove Gel Nail Polish Easily And Quickly At Home 4

  1. Keep UV gel nail polishsoaked for up to 20minutes, you can watch TV while waiting for it.

How to Remove Gel Nail Polish Easily And Quickly At Home 5

  1. Remove the foil from each finger, which can be pulled easily if the gel polish has completely lifted. For any leftover patches, use a wood orange stick lightly to scrape off the colorful nail gel polish.


Designer nail gel ploish from Newchic:

colorful nail gel polish
ROSALIND Matte Soak off Gel Polish Nail Glitter Color UV Varnish 7ml, US$5.99


temperature changing UV nail gel polis
DECOUVRIR Temperature UV Gel Polish Color Changing Gradient Thermal Chameleon, US$6.39


UV nail gel polish
24 Colors Soak off Metallic Color UV Gel Nail Polish, US$5.12


color changing nail gel polis
15ml Nail Temperature Changing UV Gel Nail Polish Varnish Hot And Cold, US$9.69




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