Which Is Better: Matte Eyeshaodw Palette Or Glitter Eyeshadow Palette?

Shopping the best eyeshadow pallets when we were makeup beginners, there is an unavoidable question in mind: which is better, matte eyeshadow palette or pressed glitter eyeshadow palette? In fact, even the quite experienced makeup applier will get confused about which eye shadow palette to choose when they go for different makeup styles. Drugstore matte eyeshadow palette and loose glitter eyeshaodw palette both have diversified color choice. But they have their own characteristics, we should have a clear idea before applying them on our eyelids.

Newchic glitter eyeshadow palette
IMAGIC Glitter Eyeshadow Magnet Palette Diamond Rainbow, US$16.99


The characteristics of natural matte eyeshadow palettes: being matte but not reflective brings an elegant decency, which usually show a natural refreshing eye makeup style. In general, we often use the gray, black, brown or earth color in the best matte eyeshadow palette to create daily makeup looks. Normally women won’t choose a matte eyeshadow palette for brown eyes with too many colors since we want them to cater for our basic needs only. 4 to 10 color options are quite enough for most of us. To show a matte but not dry visual effect, the regular moisturizing steps before applying the eye shadow palette must not be left out.

Appropriate occasions for matte eyeshadow palette: to match formal or casual clothes, to participate in the daily activities and for work, for ordinary dinner.

matte eyeshadow palette
4-Color Nude Matte Eyeshadow Palette, US$9.69


natural matte eyeshadow palettes
COCOSH SHE Makeup 9 Colors Meet Matte Eye Shadow Palette, US$12.65


The best advantage of the best glitter eyeshadow palette is that it can be used to brighten the area around our eyes. It can highlight our eyes and make them look deeper. When the obvious and shiny colors in the online glitter eyeshadow palette make a contract color collocation, a cool and special visual effect is created. There are glittering reflectors in the ingredients of this kind of eye shadow palettes for brown eyes , so it is always preferred choices for more lively and exaggerated requirements. Not all of the cheap glitter eyeshadow palettes in the market are heavy and shiny in the same degree, we can make personalized decisions according to our own specific needs. Similarly, we should not forget the moisturizing steps before applying the natural glitter eyeshadow palette.

Suitable occasions of glitter eyeshadow palette: at night when the light is softer and weaker, when you want to go for a smoky makeup looks, or participate in holiday activities or parties, or to match fancy outfits.

pressed glitter eyeshadow palette
IMAGIC Glitter Eyeshadow Magnet Palette Diamond Rainbow, US$16.99


loose glitter eyeshaodw palette
BEAUTY GLAZED Colorful Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette Long-lasting, US$11.78





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Newchic Beauty Blog Holiday Makeup Competition

Hello Newchic beauty blog fans, enjoying the Christmas holiday now? Does your lovely holiday makeup style earn some compliments in the dinner and party? Why not let more people admire your successful makeup masterpiece through Newchic beauty blog holiday makeup competition! Newchic beauty blog fans can share as many as holiday makeup inspirations by this game since it is a blog established in the name of seeking latest beauty and makeup trends and providing most helpful tips. Not to mention there is $50 gift card of www.newchic.com for the game winner, where you can always find wonderful fashion products.

Newchic beauty blog holiday makeup competition attending rules:

  1. Send your holiday makeup selfie (one is enough, choose the best one if you have many beautiful pictures) to the editor Newchic beauty blog at xiexiaowan@newchic.com
  2. The expired picture sending time is January 2nd23:59.
  3. Then the editor of Newchic beauty blog will pick the best 10, and post them in the Newchic beauty blog for the fans to vote on January 3rd~ January 5
  4. The final winner will receive a $50 gift card from Newchic.

The selfie you send should be clear enough and show your makeup looks easily. Little tip: the festive and creative ones are preferred by the editor.

Newchic beauty blog holiday makeup competition


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Achieve Perfect Eyebrow With the Eyebrow Stamps In Namely Just One Second!

If you have ever tried the eyebrow stamp, you will fall in love with it at once. It enables us to finish the eyebrow makeup with just one second, namely just one second! The designer of eyebrow stamp kit declares that it is an eyebrow enhancer especially made for the lazy girls. Well, to be honest, lazy or not, with the best eyebrow stamp, who else would still spend so much time drawing the makeup with drugstore eyebrow pencil?

eyebrow stamp kit

We used to draw our eyebrows with a natural eyebrow pencil very carefully in every morning. What’s worse, sometimes we need to wipe it off to start over again if our hands were trembling to produce unsatisfactory curves. Also, deciding which eyebrow enhancer makeup color we are going to apply to match the whole facial makeup style today can take a lot of time with so many lovely choices too. Spend nearly half an hour earlier in it before going to work? A natural eyebrow stamp can solve this problem for you immediately! Just one stamp by your good eyebrow stamp, you  don’ t have to draw the eyebrow anymore!

Various shapes:

natural eyebrow stamp


Decide your favorite colors of the eyebrow stamps according to the matching color for your daily face makeup. The rule for choosing the right color of a perfect eyebrow enhancer with fibers is that it should be coordinated with your overall makeup, which avoid a bad contrast effect. Usually, the brow eyebrow stamp or a light black eyebrow stamp is versatile for most of the makeup style. So you should have a brow eyebrow stamp kit and a black eyebrow stamp kit standing by in reserve by to cater for your basic needs. If you want to go for a special and more eye-catching eyebrow makeup some day, then use a colorful eyebrow enhancer like a best eyebrow pencil , which is a more cost-saving way in the long-term.

Various colors:

best eyebrow stamp

Grab the eyebrow stamps facebook of different shape to achieve more trending styles. Straight or round, hard angled or soft angled, or S-shaped? You can choose different shapes of the waterproof eyebrow stamps to enjoy a more personalized fitting. Remember the eyebrow shapes should not only chase the most hitting trends, more importantly, they should match your face shape, especially the shape of your eyes. Round face should go for: arched eyebrow. Square face: slightly drooping eyebrow shape. Long face: straight eyebrow.

Super easy steps:

waterproof eyebrow stamps





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Tutorial to Loose Weight Fast

you wish to wear a midriff-baring tops or a pretty tight dress to match the pretty makeup look sometimes! Are you done with this situation and want to get some change? Having tried the weight loss cream for stomach and some yoga exercises but brought little effect? Maybe you have not gone for the right exercising style and effective slimming cream for yourself yet.

This yoga recommendation is a little exercise that you can do whenever and wherever you like. The movement is quite simple but can stretch the waist entirely. Instructions: lie on the ground first, then bend your legs and hands backwards. With the hands holding the arched ankles to keep the posture for 5 seconds every time. 15 times for per set and 2 sets per day.

how to loose weight fast

A group of waist slimming movement to combine with the yoga exercise, which will help you train the core strength. Good muscle lines will be built soon. Repeat following movement for 20 minutes or so in a slow speed.

loose weight yoga

Make a two-pronged strategy with the slimming cream for tummy. Some women think there is no need to use the weight loss cream for body if they do the exercise already. Well, you can say so, but it will take longer days to achieve the loosing weight effect. So you should do both at the same time, then you can loose 10 pounds more quickly. The body slimming cream should be applied to the needed parts of the body, and then to massage the body slightly to make the skin absorb it. The theory of the slimming massage cream is to produce body heat after absorption.

slimming cream


If you are worry about the slimming cream side effect. Then you should choose the natural weight loss cream of mild and gentle ingredients. Your body will feel the heat of fat burning and it is cleaning-free because the Newchic best slimming cream 2017 is natural and harmless. Do not use weight loss cream for body in the face when it is specially for the body but not a face slimming cream.

weight loss cream

slimming massage cream

Newchic slimming cream




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Newchic 10 Best Faux Fur Coats Under $100 For Christmas and New Year Holiday

What are called the best jackets for women in winter? Firstly, they should have fashionable new look that make us more beautiful and show our pursuit for a stylish life. Secondly, they should be made of the really warm materials that keep us warm and comfortable under cold weathers, unlike some fancy but useless outfits. To meet both of the requirements, women down jacket and womens fur coat are born.

fur vest jacket
Women Sexy Fur Solid Color Vest Coat, US$15.47


long down jacket
` Fashion Hooded Down Jackets For Women, $149.99



What is down jacket made of? It is also called goose down jacket that filled with the soft feathers taken from the breasts and wings of a duck or goose. The outer layer of the jacket is usually made of nylon or polyester. The inner materials of women down jacket makes it one of the warmest winter jackets. Whatever bottoming shirt or dress you are wearing, wearing a real down jacket on the outside is always warm enough though you are walking in a snowing day.

down jacket
Casual Soft Zipper Fly Women Down Jackets, US$38.56
goose down jacket
Casual Portable Women Hooded Down Jackets, US$39.89
plus size down jacket
LILITH A PARIS Casual Fur Collar Long Light Down Jackets, US$123.98


black down jacket
Casual Solid Black Zipper Fly Turn-Down Collar Women Jackets, US$41.96


The other kind of warmest jackets for women online is the vintage fur coats. No matter the real fur coats or the faux fur coats, they can help you resist the coldness effectively. Newchic is advocating the option of faux fur coats of course, which is environmental and caring! You can find various types of fur coats in Newchic black fur coats, white fur coats, pink fur coatsCasual faux fur vest coat, elegant long faux fur coat, plus size wool coat… The super soft and smooth touch feel, the high textured lustrous appearance, you will look so elegant in such sexy jackets for women!

faux fur jacket
Fashion Hooded Faux Fur Coats For Women, US$89.99
faux fur coat
Casual Warn Bats Sleeve Women Faux Fur Coats, US$41.98
long faux ur coats
Women Faux Fur Coat Hooded Long Coat, US$110.28
vintage fur coats
Fashion Faux Fur Patchwork Sleeveless Irregular Women Vest Coats, US$38.28





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7 Tips You Should Know About the Sunscreen

Best sunscreen is essential to protect you from the harms of skin sunburning and skin aging. If you think that there is no need to use sunscreen for face in winter because the temperature is not as high as  summer. Totally wrong! Under the winter sun, ultraviolet rays are even more fierce and harmful! So we must apply natural sunblock in winter days. And here comes some tips you should know about sunscreen lotion! 

sunburned without using sunscreen


Why use sunscreen?

Everybody know something about this question, but we might not know it deeply as we should. Best sunscreen for body does not relate to our skin beauty, but also have a great influence on our health. 1. Block the harmful ultraviolet rays to us. The constant depletion of the ozone layer puts us at higher risk of harmful rays from the sun. 2.Prevent premature senility of our skin. The sunburned skin will  will be aged and lead to wrinkles and fine lines more easily. 3.Reduce the risk of suffering from skin cancer. Sunscreen and sunblock can stop various types of skin cancers for us, especially melanoma.

Newchic sunscreen
Waterproof Sunscreen Sunblock Cream SPF30 UV Protection


Higher spf sunscreen more effective? The SPF of the sunscreen ratings ranges form 15~50. But higher SPF is always better. The higher SPF sunscreen a has stronger sun blocking function, but the bigger burden to your skin too. For daily use, SPF 15 sunscreen is enough. For outdoor activities, pick a APF 30+ sunscreen.

How long does sunscreen last? When the SPF is 15, multiple 15 minutes, then the effect of your sunscreen lasts about 225 minutes.

How much sunscreen for face? If the sunblock cream coat is not thick enough, the sun blocking function might be not strong enough. Try to use a little bit more than enough.

Newchic sunblock
UV Block Sunscreen SPF 30+ Waterproof Face Whitening Cream


How often to reapply sunscreen? We normally reapply the sunblock for face for every 2~3 hours. Apply some spray toner and cream to moist your face before using the sunscreen.

Do i need to use makeup remover for sunscreen? When the sunscreen lotion for dry skin is water-proof, a makeup remover is needed normally.  Or if you feel the face is oily with the sunscreen spf 50, you need to remove it too.

sunscreen cream
Disaar Sunscreen SPF90 Waterproof Skin Protect Sunblock, Only US$5.79, Plus Shipping-free!





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The Detailed Tutorial to Put On Fake Eyelashes

We women always want beautiful and luscious eyelashes, but not everyone of us are gifted with natural long and thick lashes luckily. So we really appreciate the invention of the best brand false eyelashes. But not all of us think the long, full best false eyelashes that look natural are easy to stick too. With following tutorial step by step, even the beginners can put on the natural fake eyelashes perfectly and easily.

  1. The first step is to curl your own eyelashes with an eyelash curler.

How to Put On Fake Eyelashes1

  1. Compare the  best fake eyelashes for beginners to your own ones.

How to Put On Fake Eyelashes2

  1. Then cut the over-long part of your best fake lashes, which avoid too exaggerated and unnatural feels of your lashes.

How to Put On Fake Eyelashes3

  1. Bend the false eyelashes according to the your eyelashes’ original bending direction. Fake eyelashes before and after looks should be natural but not dramatic.

How to Put On Fake Eyelashes4

  1. Brush the specific glue on the stem of the best brand false eyelashes.

How to Put On Fake Eyelashes5

  1. Wait until the fake eyelash glue  is dry enough, the glue should look transparent after seconds.

How to Put On Fake Eyelashes6

  1. Put on the best false eyelashes for small eyes from the middle to both ends, let the natural false eyelashes cover your own ones to  create an better visual effect.

How to Put On Fake Eyelashes7

  1. Use a cotton bud to separate the messy lashes and make the drugstore fake eyelashes more fitting.

How to Put On Fake Eyelashes8

  1. Finally have a check on the eyelashes to see if the best false eyelashes for everyday is applied to your natural ones neatly. Mix together evenly. It is time to use the false lash mascara if you want.

How to Put On Fake Eyelashes9




The best fake eyelashes recommendations from Newchic:

fake eyelashes from Newchic
8Pcs/2 Pairs Magnetic 3D Long Natural False Eyelashes, US$8.99
colorful eyelashes from Newchic
3 Pairs 3D False Eyelashes Set Colorful False Lashes, US$5.99
false eyelashes from Newchic
Black Mink Hair False Eyelashes Natural Thick Lashes, US$4.99


If you want to go for something special and bold, blue feather false eyelashes is your best choice!

blue feather false eyelashes
Blue Feather False Eyelashes, US$4.99



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