Christmas Gifts Recommendations: 5 Best Nail Gel Polishes

Christmas is approaching, have you listed the holiday gifts list for your dear family and friends? Brands nail polish sets are nice and appropriate recommendations for Christmas gits in 2017. The festive nail polish is going to surprise the gift receiver totally! You will be such a considerate friend to send them the best nail gel polishes , which make them more stylish and eye-catching in the Christmas parties.


1.When we pick the nail polish colors for December, make them festive. The Christmas nail gel polish set is especially made for the Christmas that include a ‘red’ for sure. Red is so enthusiastic and merry that even Santa Claus arrives in red outfit! Different degrees of red from dark to bright are available in Newchic.

best nail gel polish

2.Winter is a season of warm sweaters. What a great idea to match your fashionable sweaters with some nice textured nail polish ideas! To strengthen the warm feel of your wear in the cold days, try some moderate colors like beige and orange for nail gel polish set. Stylish, complete and exquisite, that will be how your fingers look like then.

nail gel polish


3. If nail art is all about glitter nail polishes for you. Enjoy the most bright feel from your fingers with the shiny gel nail polish, especially in the festivals! Newchic Maxdona 3 color nail polish set is a quite pretty option for the Christmas.

glitter nail polish


4. Flowery style that include the soft cherry blossom pink nail polish is such a great gift! Worry that pure color nail polishes are not enough to please the gift receiver? Add some cute dot or sweet blossom printings in the nail polish set.

festive nail polish

5. If you girls are heading for a rock concert or bald parties in the Christmas. Then metallic color nail polishes are necessary to fit your cool outfit. The Newchic top coat polish set has a cool mirror effect, so special and bright. A lot of color options.

metallic color nail polishes



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10 Tips For Applying A Natural Eye Makeup Look

Girls have different different opinions about their eye makeup. It is an immortal truth that everyone should have its own style, but in most occasions, the makeup should be moderate. Scary heavy makeup is inappropriate while too light eye makeup will have a weak visual effect. So how to apply a complete and beautiful eye makeup? Follow several easy steps, you can achieve it easily and quickly. What are needed: best eyeshadow palette from Newchic, waterproof eyeliner pencil, eyelash curler, concealer, and natural false eyelashes.


1. If your black rim of eye is obvious, apply a layer of concealer on the lower eyelid to cover it firstly, or your eyes will look dull and tired.

eye makeup

2. Use the black waterproof eyeliner pencil to draw the eyeliner carefully, avoid the eyeliner pencil stretch out or touch the eyeballs.

eye makeup

best eyeshadow palette from Newchic


3. The end of the eye look upward slightly.

eye makeup


4. Extend the eyeliners from the head to the bottom, and just drew a little bit in the lower eyeliner.

eye makeup


5. Use black eye shadow in your matte eyeshadow palette slightly to dye lower eyelid.

eye makeup

best eyeshadow palette from Newchic


6. Evenly apply a coat of earth color eyeshadow on the upper eyelid. Pay attention to the layering sense.

eye makeup

7. Diffuse a little bit more on thelower eyelid.

eye makeup

8. Use eyelash curlerto curlthe eyelash.

eye makeup

9. Now to stick the best cheap fakeeyelashes, apply special glueof false eyelash first and then stick the brand false eyelashes carefully.

eye makeup

natural false eyelashes


10.Remember to deal with the details patiently, otherwise your eye makeup will seem unnatural. Compare the before and after look, a nice eye makeup is done.

eye makeup



Use The Best Blush Palette 2017 to Show A Lovely Complexion

Nars blush palette, tarte blush palette, elf blush palette or Newchic blush palette? Which is the favorite of makeup lovers? Blush makeup is essential for a makeup look for women that build a nice complexion easily. It would be the last makeup step by picking a perfect color from the best blush palette 2017. Follow the effective tips about the multi-color blush makeup palette to match your face shape and skin. Enjoy a lovely complexion now!

blush makeup


Sweet girl makeup style: The sweetest and cutest feel comes from the natural blush palette that created for you meeting a handsome at the corner of street. White and pink build a lovely visual effect of our face by creating an attractive blush makeup looks.

Pink blush makeup fit for: oval face, square face, diamond face.

pink blush makeup


Mature grapefruit style: One of the blush makeup tips to say goodbye to shyness of girlhood. To get a professional blush palette, a little sexy taste is preferred sometimes. The grapefruit color combining the energy of orange and pink enlighten a natural and the feminine complexion.

Orange blush makeup palette fit for : oval face, round face, diamond face.

blush palette

Newchic blush makeup
6 Colors Face Blush, Shade, Concealer









Mature women dark pink style: The alternation of seasons is like a symbol of the transition period from the girl to the women. Grown women should be eager to radiating a distinctive charm with the colorful blush makeup palette different from the before one. Choose an elegant deep and dark pink to highlight the complexion. After applying a fitting foundation, your face might even give out a transparent skin feel .

Fit for: any face shape.

dark pink blush makeup

Newchic blush palette
nanda 3-Color Baked Blush Makeup Natural










Red bean paste style: Some people think that red bean paste blush makeup looks older. That’s because they did not take it right! This almighty color of natural blush makeup palette can be applied to all kinds of skin color. A great match for both the light and heavy makeup. People with shorter faces can brush the blush with an upward sloping, making the face look slimmer and more mature.

Red blush makeup palette fit for face: oval face, round face, square face

red blush makeup palette


Newchic blush makeup palette
28 Colors Makeup Blush Blusher Set Kit







Mochi Kawaii Squishy Toy From Newchic

Mochi Squishy  A Cute Toy For You To Enjoy the Fun and Reduce the Pressure.

Mochi Squishy


Mochi Squishy Toy Details:

Item Name: Dingding

Item Size: About 4*3*2.5cm

Box Size: About 6*4.5*4cm

Quantity: 1pc

Material: TPR

Scented: NO

Packaging: Original Box


It is NOT edible. Please do NOT put into your mouth. NOT suitable for children under 3 years old.
If over-squeezed, the paint on the mochi may fall off.

Pakcage Included:

1 x Mochi Squeeze Toy


Kawaii Stretchy Mochi Squishy Animals:


Mochi Squishy – Kawaii Picture of Mochi Squishy Cat:

Mochi Squishy Cat

Mochi Squishy Interesting Pig Kawaii Squishies

Mochi Squishy Pig 

Mochi Squishy Cute Bear Mochi Squishy Toy

Mochi Squishy Bear

Mochi Squishy Handy Small Size Mochi Kawaii Squishy Toy

Newchic Mochi Kawaii Squishy Toy





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Newchic Announces Black Friday Sale, Low to $0.99

In 2015 Newchic launched the first version of its fashion e-commerce website, with the goal of being an industry leader in providing affordable products at the highest quality. By pricing much below other industry leaders, the company has been able to sell a lot of products very quickly, while also making enough money to stay afloat. This model has worked so well that in the first three quarters of 2017 Newchic has been able to record its highest returns to date. To keep the sales coming and to give thanks to the customers, Newchic is announcing its largest Black Friday sale to date. Every product is on sale, prizes will be rewarded, and much more. Click here to visit:

Newchic Black Friday Sale


2017 sales up to the first three quarters have been triple what they were last year, and the company is now forecasting that 2017 sales will quadruple the sales of the previous years. The company has been aggressive to outperform its competition in both pricing and customer service. SEO Manager for Newchic had this to say, “It is the key to success to focus on customers and capture customers’ demands.”. The company is looking to meet the quadruple sales forecast with its holiday sales, kicking off with its annual Black Friday deals.

Newchic Black Friday Sale


Most shoppers look at Black Friday as the start of holiday shopping, many retailers are putting their hottest brands on sale for prices that are otherwise unheard of. Newchic looks to join the trend with its very own set of Black Friday deals. The company bolsters itself by caring name brands like Socofy, O-newe, Gracila, and Saiclehome. On top of price mark downs, Newchic looks to add more incentives for customers to shop with them. This year the company is adding flash deals, larger discounts for in-app purchases, 15% discounts for PayPal purchases, and free prizes, and more. Customers are encouraged to buy right away as quantities are limited. To compete with competitors the company is placing 100,000 of its profits into the Newchic Black Friday Promotion, dropping prices of some items to even 0.1 dollar.

Black Friday Sale Newchic


Newchic is excited to cap off 2017 with its highest sales figures to date. Through its upcoming Black Friday and holiday promotions, customers will receive huge discounts while the company looks to quadruple its previous year sales!


To know more about the campaign, please visit 2017 Newchic Black Friday sale 



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Newchic Black Lace Bralette Enables You To Be A Sexy Queen!

Bras are necessities for all women, but how to make them more and more creative and different to show the individual? Designers keep brainstorming about the styles of bras to help women take care of different occasions better. Women can wear the lace bandeau bra and backless strapless bra inside the dresses without being noticed or even wear the black lace bralette out directly. Bras are not only traditional underwear anymore, they are functional than ever before.

Lace bandeau bra is a little trick to be wore with a dress, especially a dress for feasts or weddings that should never reveal the bra strap. How embarrassed that would be when you are proposing a toast while a lame bra strap shown next to your elegant evening dress. Nightmare! With a proper designed lace bandeau bra, you can put on any fabulous thing without hiding, just push up your beauty confidently.


lace bandeau bra
Sexy Lace-trim Seamfree Strapless Bando Bras, US$3.99


Bold and fashionable enough? You have to tried a backless strapless bra. Gathering and pushing up your boots to show a nice boots shape, it is functional too. The backless and strapless designs with with the best visual effect make you feel so free. You don’t have to afraid that any part of your bras will ruin your look in the back too. Therefore, you can go for the sexy backless dress, shirt and other tops you like to pair with a backless strapless bra, as long as it pushes up your ‘inner beauty’ like bras from Newchic.

Newchic lace bandeau bra
Sexy Front Lacing Gather Invisible Strapless Bras US$9.35


lace bandeau bras
Lace Seamfree Strapless Self-adhesive Bras US$6.55


Black lace bralette is something eye-catching and you can wear for going out straightly! Just pairing with a denim jeans can build a quite stylish look. Or you can learn from the fashionistas to wear a suit or a denim coat with it smartly to be warm enough for the cold days. Fitting black lace bralette to create a casual street style for you. No need to worry that there is not enough fashion flavor in your wardrobe anymore.

black lace braletteBlack lace bralette

As long as the colors are fitting, the black lace bralette is a perfect match for leather coat. Have a look at what a great fashion feel that these celebrities give out. Namely, the black lace bralette is an almighty item that even can be wore outside your shirt. What a waste if fashionable girls miss such a special bra!

Black lace bralette Black lace bralette


Recommended black lace bralettes for Newchic:


Newchic black lace bralette

Newchic Black lace bralette


Black lace bralette



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How to Pair With Women’s Coats And Jackets?

We love fall and winter not only for all kinds of exciting parities and gatherings, but also for the beautiful new look coats and jackets. Thanks to the great designers of many brands, cheap womens winter coats could be warm and fashionable. Newchic’s womens winter coats on sale can never go out of trend with new designs and patterns. Fashionable and high quality coats and jackets need to be paired with in best ways.

new look coats and jackets

For women red coat. Women are fans of the pretty little liars red coat and the zara red coat for the stylish design, eye-catching color and strong pairing power. Pairing your red plus size coats and jackets with tight jeans and a gray scarf make you look slim. Long womens winter coats of double-breasted design are so elegant to create a high end feel while maintaining the sweetness. Or pair it with a black skirt and long sweater with this bright red coat. It could be a nice street looks for taking photos.

Women red coat

long women’s winter coats


A women’s pink coat can add cuteness to most items, specially when you pair them with bottoms of solid colors like nude, pink or gray. Wearing a pair of jeans with the high quality womens winter coat is easy and appropriate. For the footwear, a hot pink women’s coat can go for a lot of things from high heels or sneakers, which will create different feelings. You can make the decision of being sexy or cute with a womens winter coat of pink.

pink coat womenscheap women’s winter coats

For wool coats and jackets. The soft wool coat from Newchic has the most almighty color. Khaki can fit any color easily and work for any occasion. The other advantage is the rich and expensive feel contained in this high-end Paris wool coat design. Wearing it with dark or light colored bottoms are both nice enough. Every lady must have a piece of khaki wool coat in the wardrobe to fit the fall and winter.

soft wool coat



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