Finish Your Eyebrow Makeup Within One Second!

Many girls think that the eye makeup is the most difficult part in your makeup, which I totally agree. I find that I need to draw my eyebrow very carefully and often need to wipe it off to start over again because my hands might tremble suddenly. Upset? Yes, that would be the feeling that I have before. Now, I has this thing like a magic wand–eyebrow stamp from Newchic! With it, I even don’t need to draw the eyebrow at all. Just with one stamp, my eyebrow makeup will be finished in one second!

 eyebrow stamp


How dose the eyebrow stamp look like and how to use it? In this Newchic package, there are one eyebrow powder and two eyebrow stamp models. Take the stamp out and press it upon the eyebrow powder, then you can stamp it on your eyebrow to build the eyebrow shape immediately. Stamp it right along your own eyebrow or it might be unnatural. If you  worry that the powder isn’t pressed upon the stamp brush neatly, just try it on your hand first.

eye shadow brush set

Clearly you can see many benefits of eyebrow stamp: easy to wear, long-lasting, natural and water-proof, suitable for every season. Choose it the color according to your frequently-used eyebrow pencil.





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