How Is Your Blazer Style Should Be?

Fall days are calling for warmer wardrobes. Though you might not feel cold yet, but it is not early to pick up some blazers for men. Time wait for nobody, you grab the most fashionable blazers for men to lead the style, or you can only follow others later.

How is your blazers style in cooler days should be? Newchic has gather some helpful ideas. The first thing is that it doesn’t have to be very formal. Casual blazers for men is a fashion taste advocator though it is casual enough. There are so many choices of colors and patterns, you won’t have a boring dressing feeling with a little bit of thinking.

With the blazers from Newchic,  you can deal with any occasion appropriately. Going for a business meeting, a date, a friend gathering or a banquet, there are perfect matching items here. If you are high quality seeker, you will put great importance to fabrics. The fundamental rule is that denim blazers should be wore in more casual occasion. When you are heading for a formal occasion, pure solid colored plus cotton or polyester fabric is preferred.

blazers for men
Coffee Fall Casual Woolen Stylish Chest Pocket Blazers for Men, Only US$65.88
blazers for men
Plus Size Business Casual Slim Fit Solid Color Fashion Blazers for Men, Only US$33.92
casual blazers for men
Autumn Fashion Casual Business Slim Fit Best Cool Blazers for Men, Only US$37.55
casual blazers for men
Bussines Casual Solid Color Plus Size Blazer Suit for Men, Only US$52.91
casual blazers for men
AFSJEEP Casual Outdoor Jackets Stylish Suits Stitching Denim Blazers for Men, Only US$53.77

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Hoodies Enable You To Be Fashionable and Comfortable At the Same Time

Why both men and women like wearing hoodies? Most of us feel great with the super relaxing and casual xxxxl hoodies. There are so many popular workout hoodies designs in the market. People can totally advocate their dressing attitude by hanging a few in the wardrobes. Therefore, Newchic is going to present you several main advantages of wearing a hoodie in this post.

xxxxl hoodies
Clown Pattern Hooded Long Sleeve Hoodie, Only US$28.88!
  1. Being comfortable is the key benefit. Hoodies can bring the good casual feeling to people. You might feel like you are wrapped in a soft blanket while wearing a warm hoodie. Stay convenient and warm in fall, so comfortable~ Also, you don’t have to do much thinking and save a lot of time when pick a hoodie out of your wardrobe.
workout hoodies
Solid Color Zipper Fashion Casual Sport Hoodies, Only US$16.58 !
  1. Most of items can match with a hoodie: jeans, khakis, chinos. Also almost all types of pants can be easily worn with it. As for shoes, hoodies can go with any kind from sneakers to boating shoes, so hoodies are very powerful. Please note that hoodies should not be too sporty or resembles a sweater too much or it is not stylish easily.
workout hoodies
Mens Patchwork Pattern Contrast Color Printing Casual Sport Hoodies, Only US$23.65!
  1. Hoodie style can create a casual fashion sense to your wardrobe. If it is paired with appropriate pieces, you will wear it more confidently. Some creative fashionistas even wear two hoodies at the same time! It is quite common to wear hoodies plus blazers in fall, which is a good collocation. But your inner hoodies should be not too bulky, or it might blow up the whole outfit.
workout hoodies
Hit Color Front Zipper Fashion Casual Sport Hoodies, Only US$22.95 !

xxxxl hoodies

What Vintage Makeup Look Can Newchic’s Products Create?

Modern world is glossy and fast-paced, whizzing cars, pocket-sized computers, and new makeup products surround us everywhere. Nice makeup products attempt to give us better skin and better look, and that is what Newchic’s products have been achieving. There are charming and glamorous combinations of modern technology with vintage appeal. Follow quite magical recommendations that enable you to create a fashionable vintage style.

One of Newchic’s mission is to honor the vintage styled cosmetics, formulation, and application. FOCALLURE blush is so silky and refined like a cream. The tiniest dusting of natural ingredients will be what you need to get perfect vintage cheeks complexions.

FOCALLURE Smooth Mineral Natural Professional Blush, Only US$5.99!

Lipstick and lip liner. A deep red lipstick and perfectly lined lips can present vintage glamour best. This cerise and red lip liner is creamy but firm,  so you can apply smoothly across the lips. With red velvet lipstick that leans burgundy wine, it has a rich and lush effect. The shade color is totally a replica of 1946!

Velvet Matte Lipstick Lip Balm Lasting Charming, Only US$3.29 !
lip liner
IMAGIC 12 Colors Lip Liner Pen Lipstick Pencil, Only US$3.99!

Natural BB foundation keeps everything in place perfectly and brighten your skin tone naturally. The foundation color plus the above blush is a nod to vintage glamour. At the same time, the fitting formulation is easy and soft to manipulate, which blends your makeup like a dream and looks so pretty sitting on your vanity.

BB cream
Flawless Oil-control BB Cream Long-Lasting Waterproof Moisturizing Foundation, Only US$7.99 !

How to DIY Cucumber-Coconut Facial Mist for Fall

It is turning to fall, whether your local weather is humid or dry, things can get sweltering easily at the turn of seasons. Your face needs a refresh caring. Newchic reminds you to reach for a soothing, cooling, and nourishing mist. Here comes a DIY facial mist with two of common ingredients: cucumber and coconut water. Natural, easily made as well as skin-nourishing, this DIY mist can reassure your skin totally.

What you need:  2 tablespoons of fresh cucumber juice, 1 tablespoon 100% coconut water, 1 tablespoon of witch hazel.

facial mist

Step #1: Chop half a cucumber and then press them with a fork to extract two tablespoons of juice. Double check to make sure that there are no seeds and large pieces of pulp anymore.

Step #2: Add a spoon of coconut water to the cucumber juice, which should be 100% pure coconut water. Buying the canned juice or dispense straight from a coconut are both OK. It is a natural toner to clarifies and soothes the skin.

facial mist

Step #3: Add one tablespoon of witch hazel into the mixture now. Witch hazel can zap excess oil while soothing and protecting parched and sun-exposed skin.

Step #4: Pour the mist into the container and mark the date. This DIY cucumber facial mist should be kept in fridge whenever it’s not being used. In this way, it can stay fresh for two weeks. Now, you can often use the natural mist.

Spray Bottle

Drawing Ways for Different Lip Shapes

Different women have different lip shapes. For lip makeup, lip shape is namely a dispensable consideration. When ladies choose right colors and suitable lip drawing methods, their complexion of face will be so great and vivid. Now, Newchic is going to show you the best ways to draw an appropriate makeup for various lip shapes.

  1. Drooping lips. If you have drooping lips, circle your lips with a concealer first. Then use a lip liner to outline them. You should make the ends of lips slightly upturned. Next, choose lipstick color similar to your lips color, which weaken the visual effect of the lips. Applying brown lip liner to draw slightly upturned lips on both sides.
  1. Thin lips. Its biggest advantage is saving lipstick. If you want to create a sexy thicker style? Use the pencil to draw lip slowly then put the lip color in the position of the dotted line. We advise you to choose a color of high saturation and bright enough to highlight your lips.
  1. Elliptic lip. This shape is quite lovely but not so obvious sometimes. So they might lack of the sense of line. If you want to highlight the line feeling, you can first use concealer to cover the upper lip, then draw the lip line on both sides, V form is good. Need to note that the lip should avoid wearing over bright lipstick.
  1. Thick lips. Thick lips represent sexy. But it is not suitable for everyone. People with deep outline and three-dimensional facial feature in Europe and America might earn extra points for this lip shape. For most of the Asian, they probably need to cover  the thick lip line smartly. Then paint the lip range that you like and coat with the suitable color. Middle part of the lips can be coated with deep color, which can reduce the visual effect.

Recommendation from Newchic: Lowest price and free-shipping!

lip makeup

lip makeup
HUAMIANLI Lip Liner Pen Makeup Waterproof Lips, Pencil Cosmetic 12 Colors, Only US$3.99

What Is the Best Eye Shadow Color For Blue Eyes?

What is the eye makeup to highlight the color of your eyes? The secret is to choose the right eye shadow color to draw much attention to your brown, blue, green or hazel eyes. It means that you should intensify the eye colors by using contrasting hues. So what are the best eye shadow colors for the color of your eyes exactly?

Brown Eyes. Usually, most of the eye shadow colors can fit the brown eyes well. Moreover, neutral colors like salmon or gold will accentuate the color brown. It is a little trick to blend it with a little bit of black shadows, which will increase the intensity of the colors you are going to apply.

eye shadow colors

Blue Eyes. Highlight your cool blue eyes with light or neutral tones. Do not go for harsh colors like dark or smoky. Choose softer and tonal like coral or champagne. not distract your blue eyes but complement them.

eye shadow colors

Green Eyes. If your eyes are green, then they are naturally bright enough and don’t have to rely on vivid eye shadow colors to attract attention anymore. Mute purple is a perfect is you are going out at night. During the day time, shimmery brow is fair enough.

eye shadow colors

Hazel Eyes. For hazel eyes, an eye shadow palette of metallic and pastels is a nice choice . Some heavy and smoky shades will hide green and gold, but the delicate metallic or dusty pink will totally intensify the flecks and make the hazel eyes shine.

eye shadow

A palette can match different eye colors and all the color is practical to be used everyday. What you expect would be the VERONNI 9 Colors Eyeshadow Palette is what you expect! Glitter, Diamond, Naked, Smoky all in one! Now it is 46% off and free-shipping! Only $9.99!

eye shadow color

eye shadow color


Beach Bags Are Not Only For Beach!

Bag is namely the fashion icon, many chic ladies value their bags more than clothing. Besides daily function for carrying things, fashion women regard their bags as a style statement. A really stylish girl has different bags for different occasions for sure. If they are heading to the beach, they will carried the favorite beach bag. As a master who knows the chic so well, Newchic has made a list of the most popular designed straw beach bags  in 2017 for you. Beach bags are not only for beach!

Considering brands, designs, sizes even different colors… Normally, ladies will want to put all these fashionable bags into their closets! But smart women should not drain their bank account to do that. They can make a good use of the money and achieve the goal at the same time. This rule is achieved by Newchic’s nice  beach bags. Follow the most hit recommendations items with super nice designs, trustworthy high quality and unbelievably favorable prices.

beach bag
Wovening Straw Hollow Beach Bag. Its red flower can highlight your graceful temperament and the nice wovening craftsman creates a high-end feeling. Only US$15.85!
beach bag
Straw Casual Beach Tote Bag. Made of exquisite wovening fabric, the most fantastic part of this bag is the sweet cute colorful balls. Vivid and pleasing, only US$19.89 !
straw beach bag
Beautiful Boho Beach Straw Bag. Boho style is popular since it is romantic and eye-catching. The “it” bag for boho style comes! Artistic stars, flowers and beads make your style fresh!
straw beach bag
Straw Travel Beach Shopping Bag. This is my favorite since the design is so beautiful and unique. I can take it to anywhere but not only the beach. Such a vintage fashion that combines with the modern appearance and the retro design! Only US$23.08!