Get one pair of flat shoes with six groups daily, first ladies teach you comfortable and fashionable

Today for everyone to chat New York socialite Olivia Palermo’s first shoe while she considered friends – people in Europe and America in the charming small, but attention OP PW street shooting people will find that she does not seem to particularly like to rely on each kind of big for their own high-heeled “Zhaobu”, but a variety of loafer shoes is her highest utilization rate of a single product! So go with her to learn a science, how to use a loafers to deal with six kinds of everyday scenes with, how to do it with one hand and fashionable and comfortable!




You can wear them to work!

For the nine to five office workers who, practicality and comfort than fashion, but much more important, especially when you have to shuttle in various meetings, to go out to see clients and so on leg muscles activity, 15CM big high now not everybody can manage to get up! So take a look at this group of OP with it, cut very simple and capable zipper sleeveless dress, which take a refreshing light blue shirt, then take a pair of black patent leather feet pointed loafers whole looks full modern sense and the remainder of the professional sense, but also the success of the liberation of the feet too!

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When a woman wearing men’s clothing, men are humbled!

This fall with special needs a little inspiration, the inspiration does not come from a star or a good sister, but from men! When you learn to use men with your own, flat shoes for women you will find that you not only did not become very masculine, but more of a woman. See how they are with it ~

Oversize cotton shirt:

Retro boyfriend style oversize shirt very good match, both with short skirts, shorts or jeans can make you stylish and thin.